I agree completely
Sun Mar 19, 2017 03:24

“Oh! Hi Raja!” Teal grinned, seeing that the younger boy held a blue-green rose. It seemed she was Raja’s date for the evening (or he was her date) (or they were each other’s dates). He looked quite nice, with a snappy suit. She was glad she was dressed up too.

”I didn’t think about the rose/Rosse part, but I had a feeling about the teal bit. That’s pretty funny.” He’d guessed her from the flower? Aww, that was nice.

“Yeah, I don’t know how they picked them, but they did a good job. And I’m glad you got me!” Teal giggled and tucked her rose in her hairband, behind her ear, then blushed as she realized what she’d said. “Me -- my flower. You know.”

This blind date party had been a good idea. Mostly because it was Raja. If she’d been paired with Dade or someone gross like that, she probably would’ve refused to play along. Or dropped her flower. Or just straight-up left. She wouldn’t have minded Hunter (he was funny) or Dhruv, and there were some upperclassmen who she thought were cute (Wyatt, Brynjolf), but she didn’t know them a well as Raja. They’d worked together in class a few times, and Teal thought he was a clever kid.

His parents also worked at RMI, right? Teal thought she remembered Mom and Dad mentioning that another RMI staff couple had adopted a kid at some point. She didn’t remember if they mentioned what had happened to his old parents. Obviously they’d been around at some point to give him a last name, but then he’d somehow ended up with the Richards. She was curious, but she knew better than to ask. When she’d been around eight or nine, their neighbors had adopted a daughter from China, and Teal had learned that it was Very Rude to say things like “but what happened to her real parents?” or “why’d you pick this one, she doesn’t even look like you.” Raja seemed like a happy boy, and that was what really mattered.

In fact, Raja was a delight to be around, and Teal was determined to take advantage of being an assigned date with him. Not that she knew what you were supposed to do on a date. She hadn’t had a real boyfriend before. Not that Raja was her boyfriend now! It was just a date. And dates were just… hanging out with just the one person? And then if you liked it you asked them to be your boyfriend?? How did this stuff work anyway??

“So I guess we’re on a date!” She said a little nervously, trying not to blush even more. He really did look nice. Or, well, Raja always looked cute, but now he was extra-fancy in a suit. He looked nice when he was extra-fancy. They were fancy together on a fancy date. “Do you want to, um, dance or something?” Teal waved awkwardly toward the dance floor, then stopped and touched her hair again. She let her arm fall back down to her side. Should they hold hands? Did Raja want to hold hands?

  • You have to admit it's pretty perfect. - Raja Nazari-Richards, Thu Mar 16 00:37
    His suit didn’t fit. Raja only had one, and it didn’t fit. He supposed that made sense, really, because it was the one his parents had bought for his baby sister’s Christening, and he’d grown quite a ... more
    • I agree completely - Teal, Sun Mar 19 03:24
      • Glad to be agreed with - Raja, Tue Mar 21 02:59
        Raja had not predicted a giggle and a blush, but here he was, being giggled and blushed at. She was glad they got matched. He was, too. Raja hadn’t really made any definitive friends at RMI yet, most ... more
        • You're very agreeable - Teal, Sun Apr 9 04:34
          Teal was surprised and delighted when Raja offered her his arm. What a gentleman! He was such a classy guy. She wasn’t exactly sure how to take him up on this. He must have been really smooth as a... more
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