I think I agree
Sun Mar 19, 2017 13:27

For the unenlightened, a common misconception: dudes in chains either didn’t have a sense of humour at all or it was a strange one. Ruben was somewhere in between this and the opposite of it. He wasn’t an inherently good-natured person, a trait that he was well aware of, but on average he enjoyed witty banter, and on occasion he also enjoyed having a more casual laugh or three. Tonight was already shaping up to be one such occasion. The Swede’s opinion of Holland was swiftly changing, or at least in some directions - along with a couple female students here, hen had admittedly caught his attention pretty quickly, and hens varying appearances hadn’t affected that particular opinion of his too much.

But their interactions in class had typically been more on the serious side, if sometimes strange. Ruben had, for instance, definitely overheard Holland drawing parallels with conviction between their work in Ancient Runes and aliens. He’d actually thought he might have misheard since, well, runes had been a part of his school curriculum for a few years now, and he was certain that Durmstrang’s resident runology expert had never mentioned aliens. He wouldn’t argue against aliens existing (what did he know about space?) but he doubted they would care enough about his planet to fiddle with the evolution of runic alphabets or whatever. But Holland was apparently fond of the topic. These sorts of observations had formed most of his evaluation of hen to date; he hadn’t expected Holland to be the type to loosen up and really have fun at a party.

So while having fun tonight in the first place had already been a surprise, it came as an extra surprise when Holland led them through some kind of... twisty dance move? He had no idea what it was supposed to look like. But safe to assume it was probably better than the category of ‘random spasms’ that he interpreted most teenage dance styles as falling into, so Ruben just grinned and tried to follow along with it. Letting hen raise his hands, he stepped through, fingers lightly skimming hens arm and producing a satisfying prickle along his skin as Holland did the same. Good thing he’d decided at the last minute to ditch his jacket in Aquila, because physical contact was appealing. And of course, it was easier to move without the thick leather, easier to avoid getting overheated in the semi-crowded space, all of that. He’d debated it at first, because the red-hued jacket was a big part of his style, but having an entrance to the passages right in his House commons made the decision easier. Naturally he had snuck out to use a different entrance tonight (he liked a challenge) but it would be easy to get back fast if he needed it.

“That was great,” he said to Holland, likely sounding a bit disbelieving; he meant it, but it had caught him totally off-guard. “And more fancy than any dance moves I know. Or any appropriate for here,” he corrected himself, still amused by the mental image of flailing fists in time with Armaan’s music. “Where did you learn that?” It seemed dumb to just go back to standing and talking, especially seeing as their position had apparently morphed into a dance floor with several other pairs around them. Since Holland was holding one of his hands anyways, he extended his other hand to hen, resuming his vague bobbing movements to the music, and sidled in closer. Maybe a little closer than necessary, at least by a Nordic definition of personal space, but he’d already figured out that Westerners had a different take on that sort of thing. All the better to hear hens response, anyways, and he was of course watching for a sign that he should back up; this combination made it okay to his mind. They almost matched in height, which was an interesting observation for him. It wasn’t often that Ruben was able to look someone his age directly in the face, and he’d really noticed it after coming to RMI - all of the fifth years he’d met so far were shorter.

  • I think we are - Holland, Sat Mar 18 18:35
    Holland had a lot of ideas, actually—including waterfall braids and two variations on braided top knots—but it didn’t seem like a good time to go into the finer points of hairstyles, so they just... more
    • I think I agree - Ruben, Sun Mar 19 13:27
      • So what happens now? - Holland, Fri Mar 31 21:33
        Holland’s cheeks pinked slightly at the compliment, and they grinned reflexively. “Drama club, sort of.” They had been involved with the theater at RMI since their first year, and had consequently... more
        • Now, we slow it down a little - Ruben, Sat Apr 1 00:25
          Ruben was surprised by the change in pace with the party's soundtrack. To be fair, he hadn't done much partying of this style before and so couldn't really be sure that his expectations would like up ... more
          • I like the sound of that - Holland, Wed Apr 5 12:48
            Ruben was a bit of a liar, because he said he wasn’t going to do anything interesting and then he put his hand on the small of their back, which Holland found a very interesting move. Well, all... more
            • That's the reaction I was hoping for - Ruben, Thu Apr 6 00:12
              He'd never been to a party hosted by Marissa before, obviously, so he didn't have much to compare it to. But it was decent, he supposed. Good decorations, good enough music. A pretty energetic crowd, ... more
              • Were you hoping for this too? - Holland, Thu Apr 6 15:11
                Ruben moved even closer, and then let go of their hands to touch Holland’s jawline, which sent a good-nervous quiver from their cheek down to their stomach. Holland was self-consciously certain their ... more
                • One hundred percent - Ruben, Fri Apr 7 00:28
                  Barring the Thor amulet he never took off, thus wearing it with something resembling religious levels of dedication, Ruben wasn’t the religious type, not at all. However, that didn’t mean he couldn’t ... more
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