Lady has made her choice...
Mon Mar 20, 2017 02:11

Camilla wasn't sure they could categorize what they had been doing for the past few minutes as dancing - they had been swaying back and forth, excitedly close together -, but she definitely had an awful lot of fun being in Danny’s arms. The blonde felt relaxed and safe, if she was honest, and the idea of leaving the safeness. She was having too much fun! However, Danny was thirsty and Camilla had sort of, kind of implied that she would be happy doing whatever with the younger student. Camilla had no intention of losing the warmth that she was getting from Danny’s body, so even when Danny’s hand left her lower back, Camilla stayed as close as she could to him.

The Ceti thankfully accepted the bottle of water offered to her and opened it. Her eyes were completely focused on Danny. She could sense her stare being a bit more intense than she had intended, but Camilla was crushing hard on Danny at the moment. It felt like their previous platonic relationship had been crushed in the minutes they had been dancing. Camilla did not know why it had happened, but it did. The possibilities with Danny seemed more probable now than it had been ever.

The blonde sought Danny’s closeness. “It wasn't that terrible,” she made sure to emphasize the that. Camilla laughed in jest. She knew Danny wasnt in his element and neither was her, but she happened to think they had done quite a good job with it. It wasn't like they were professionals, like Marissa and Russell or even Holland. She never meant to compare themselves to everyone around them, so she wouldn't. The important thing was that they had enjoyed themselves for the brief minutes they had been out on the dance floor.

“I enjoyed it greatly,” she finished with a big, bright smile. She was definitely enjoying herself. It had been a great idea to accept Marissa´s invitation to a party she had no interest in attending. “We definitely need more practicing, though,” she teased Danny and herself before taking another sip of water.

Camilla looked at Danny closely for a second and analyzed the situation they were in. Camilla was definitely not shy, she just preferred to stay away from negative, mean stuff others usually spewed all around, which was why she had ended up being a loner. However, her decision to stay away from people had never been because she was shy.

“Thank you for humoring me,” she said while getting closer to him, and without any thought she gently placed a kiss on the corner of his lips. She looked into his eyes and smiled. “I’m glad I accepted to come to this party.”

  • Ladies' Choice - Danny, Sat Mar 18 19:07
    Camilla claimed to be getting better at loosening up. Dardanius felt he could make the same claim. He didn’t think he’d be hexing anyone any time soon (although neither would he rule anything out... more
    • Lady has made her choice... - Camilla, Mon Mar 20 02:11
      • I respect her decision - Danny, Mon Mar 20 17:53
        A bit of swaying, a bit of stepping, some limited turning around, and Danny supposed it would have been difficult to really mess up his very basic approach to dancing. So even though he knew Camilla... more
        • I would not expect less from you - Camilla, Mon Mar 20 21:37
          Kissing was a topic Camilla did not have much experience with - with the exception of a boy back home during their last summer vacations -, but she had enough experience to know that the second Danny ... more
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