When have I ever been "too" comfortable?
Mon Mar 20, 2017 02:55

“Oh my god!” Emmett laughed. “That’s hilarious.” He could just imagine Lucien with his legs immobilized and little birds bumping their pointy little beaks into the side of his head. It was probably too much to ask for, even with magic, but he only wished the birds had each said “they” as they pecked. As it were, Rose was basically a genius forever, and he raised a hand to offer her a high-five for her brilliance. “Nice one.”

The conversation shifted to Quidditch, an inevitable switch when two Seekers got together, really, even if one of them was him. Emmett had always practiced Chaser at home as a kid, mostly because Hestaea and Mikey both played that position and they liked having a third, even if he was decidedly younger, but when he’d gotten to RMI and saw that his House was in need of a Seeker, he’d snatched the spot up as soon as possible. The Seeker was, ultimately, the most important player - because, let’s face it, the scoring system for Quidditch was dumb as hell - and Emmett liked the attention that came with it, even with the risk of losing.

“Frankie’s not too bad,” he shrugged. “It’s intense, yeah, but still always fun.” The fifteen year old couldn’t say for sure, but he imagined Lyra practiced harder than its competitors, if for no other reason than Frankie’s ambitions. He was the son of a pro who wanted to go pro himself, so Frankie had to work hard, and he needed a team that would help him look good. Emmett was fortunate to have always been fairly athletic, as his somewhat stocky build could attest, so for him, it was never more than he could handle. “How about Marissa? How is she as a captain?”

The mention of her name reminded him that she was talking to that Russell guy, so he took a moment to survey the room again. She seemed to be doing something dance-like with him. Actually, it seemed all of Emmett and Rose’s friends were dancing. That gave Emmett an idea. “Don’t try so hard,” September-Marissa encouraged, and he listened.

Emmett plopped another cheese cube in his mouth. For courage. He chewed and swallowed. “Feel like dancing?”

  • Don't get too comfortable there - Rose, Sun Mar 19 11:43
    “Not too bad,” Rose acknowledged at Emmett’s punishment. Two weeks of detention wasn’t terrible at all, and twenty house points was nothing. Rose admittedly had never ended up with more than a week... more
    • When have I ever been "too" comfortable? - Emmett, Mon Mar 20 02:55
      • Let's shake things up, just in case - Rose, Fri Mar 24 04:48
        “Marissa’s pretty good, it’s all about teambuilding right now since we’re losing Justin Alderman after this year, at least,” Rose said. “And since we don’t have reserves we’ll probably have some... more
        • Shaken, not stirred? - Emmett, Fri Mar 24 23:09
          Emmett hadn’t predicted Rose’s response. Admittedly, she was pretty unpredictable in general, at least to him, but he was just trying to not think so hard, and he hadn’t stopped to expect anything.... more
          • Bond, James Bond. - Rose, Sun Mar 26 09:45
            It was a little surprising that Emmett was still down to dance even though the mood of the songs had changed drastically. Emmett was an awkward little puppy and definitely wasn’t the smartest... more
            • I guess that makes me the Bond girl - Emmett, Wed Mar 29 16:16
              “Let’s do it!” She grabbed his hands and put them where she wanted them, and Emmett swallowed nervously, fighting off the rising heat in his cheeks. Well, this was certainly not how he had expected... more
              • The role suits you - Rose, Thu Mar 30 09:16
                Rose burst out laughing as Emmett thanked her for thanking him for the dance. Honestly, from his poleaxed look, Rose was a little surprised that he managed words at all. The fifth year hadn’t... more
                • Well, if the mini skirt fits... - Emmett, Fri Apr 7 23:16
                  Wh… what? Wait, okay, so rewind. What had even just happened? Emmett and Rose danced, then she kissed him - Rose Farnon kissed him, Emmett Lawrence - and then he stood there like an idiot, as often... more
                  • Now there's something I'd like to see - Rose, Wed Apr 12 05:40
                    Although Emmett began answering her question like a normal person, he - completely out of nowhere - started babbling about how she had kissed him. Rose blinked hazel eyes at the fourth year, a little ... more
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