I'm starting to figure that out
Mon Mar 20, 2017 14:21

Russell had never taken a dance class. Or any type of class outside of his actual academics, really. It was hard to find classes with a physical environment he was comfortable in, and he’d given up on trying pretty young, sick of being dragged along by one parent or the other to rooms that made him cringe too much to focus. Not that he hadn’t learned other things, of course; his mum, for instance, being a professional chef, had tried (with mild success, relative to how clearly every container was labelled) to teach him basic cooking techniques and such. But even that was hard for him, kitchens being so full of stainless steel and white ceramic and other reflective surfaces. It was neat that Marissa took real dance classes, and he found himself kind of wishing he could do something like that. “Cool.”

The skinny fourth-year was surprised to realize that he was genuinely enjoying himself. Not, like, super enjoying, because that would require more darkness and more aloneness and preferably more open air with some stars, too. His light sensitivity made him pretty sharp at stargazing. But he was definitely enjoying this more than anything else at RMI so far. The time passed quickly with dancing, lanky limbs snapping and twisting, and he voiced quick agreement when Marissa started showing him some moves in return. This was great. Marissa moved differently than he was used to, and it was a challenge for him to imitate her flexibility, though he thought he did it well enough to be vaguely comparable.

Swiping a hand across his forehead, he nodded with obvious relief. “Yeah, I could use a break.” He straightened up and shook out his arms, shoulders cracking as he rotated them around. The hunched standing position classic for breakdancing was one of those intentionally-casual looks that took some effort to maintain, and it was always nice getting to stretch out afterwards. Marissa offered to spike drinks for them, which made him hesitate, eyes darting between her and the drinks table. Her next point, though, he could answer immediately. Habitually, he scoped out shadowed areas upon first entering a room for when he inevitably needed a reprise, and he would gladly go over to the corner she nodded to. “The lights are strange,” he agreed. “A drink over there sounds good. And... maybe yes to spiking?” He shrugged. The first gulp had burned, but settled fine; it couldn’t be that bad mixed into a drink. He also hadn’t noticed any weird side-effects yet, which reassured him (though he hadn’t drunk before either, so he wasn’t really sure what to be looking out for).

Russell followed her to the table and let her choose their drinks - he wasn’t picky, and considering how casual she seemed to be about the whole alcohol thing, he figured she would have a better sense of what would taste good with a bit of her flask mixed in. Taking his cup from her, he led the way to the shadowed nook. There wasn’t exactly a ‘spring in his step’, but he knew he was walking noticeably faster than before, eager to be out of the lights. Strategically, he took up a position with his back to the main party area, leaning against the wall. It was dark enough looking in this direction that he was able to push up his sunglasses to sit on top of his head, eyes blinking out uncovered. He’d been told he had green eyes, but on the rare occasion he looked in a mirror (mirrors disoriented him), he thought they looked light-early-thundercloud-grey, which seemed to summarize him just fine.

Taking a tentative sip from the cup, his nose wrinkled at the mix of flavours, but it didn’t burn going down. Great. “Thanks for suggesting this,” he said to Marissa. “I don’t like to be, well, a drag at parties, I guess, but all that--” he jerked a thumb over his shoulder “--it’s hard.” He didn’t usually admit that out loud, assuming that others could read his body language and take an accurate guess at how he was feeling, but Marissa was being really nice in hanging out with him at her own party instead of having fun with other people, so he supposed he should be more upfront in thanking her for it.

  • I'm good at what I do. - Marissa, Sun Mar 19 17:35
    Russell’s question almost took her by surprise, and then she remembered this was his first year at Rocky Mountain International. She’d gotten used to him being in classes with her. There were also... more
    • I'm starting to figure that out - Russell, Mon Mar 20 14:21
      • It's a talent - Marissa, Sat Mar 25 23:21
        Marissa grinned and made her way to the drinks, where she grabbed two cups and two cans of ginger ale. She knew she’d have fun with Russell, because the red head knew how to have fun in pretty much... more
        • A natural gift - Russell, Mon Mar 27 01:00
          Apparently, Marissa didn’t find him a drag after all. On one hand, he could understand that. Dancing together had been really fun. On the other hand, which was proportionately larger, Russell... more
          • Organic! - Marissa, Fri Mar 31 21:37
            It was really sweet how happy Russell was now. Marissa couldn’t think of a time where she’d seen the fourth year smile so genuinely. He was a really nice kid. A little odd, but everyone at Rocky... more
            • Mechanic! - Russell, Fri Mar 31 23:08
              Marissa didn't just offer to hang out, no - she offered to invite him along when we all hang out. He would've been happy simply with her promise to have him join her to practice dancing. But this,... more
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