I respect her decision
Mon Mar 20, 2017 17:53

A bit of swaying, a bit of stepping, some limited turning around, and Danny supposed it would have been difficult to really mess up his very basic approach to dancing. So even though he knew Camilla was teasing him in her reply, the Lyra was going to trust that she had enjoyed herself. Unfortunately that might mean that Danny would be coerced into dancing again before the evening was through. He guessed that would be okay, as long as the flirting and smiling continued.

Dardanius had noticed that Camilla was smiling a lot, and she didn't move away from him even when his lack of physical contact enabled her to do so. He didn't think he was jumping to conclusions in his interpretation of her behaviour when he figured that their tentative friendship had begun morphing into something different. There was definitely something insinuated in the way she suggested they needed more practise at dancing. Danny felt his eyebrow quirk and he hurriedly took another gulp of water to try and combat his rising temperature in the intensity of her gaze.

His refreshment was rendered redundant moments later when Camilla leaned close and kissed him. Just softly, but actually on his lips, and without him even asking her to do it. Then she was still smiling at him, her eyes meeting his as she told him she was glad she had accepted the party invitation. As well as feeling particularly warm, Danny felt lots of very unfamiliar sensations, several of which he wouldn't attempt to label, but one that could definitely be classified as desirable. He wordlessly took Camilla’s drink back from her, and swiftly discarded both the bottles back onto the table next to them. “I'm glad, too.”

Danny hedged his bets that if she had voluntarily kissed him, she wouldn't mind him returning the favour. In what was definitely the most assertively romantic move he had ever made in his life so far, Danny slid his arm back around Camilla’s waist and he kissed her, still softly, but there was categorically nothing platonic about it.

  • Lady has made her choice... - Camilla, Mon Mar 20 02:11
    Camilla wasn't sure they could categorize what they had been doing for the past few minutes as dancing - they had been swaying back and forth, excitedly close together -, but she definitely had an... more
    • I respect her decision - Danny, Mon Mar 20 17:53
      • I would not expect less from you - Camilla, Mon Mar 20 21:37
        Kissing was a topic Camilla did not have much experience with - with the exception of a boy back home during their last summer vacations -, but she had enough experience to know that the second Danny ... more
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