I would not expect less from you
Mon Mar 20, 2017 21:37

Kissing was a topic Camilla did not have much experience with - with the exception of a boy back home during their last summer vacations -, but she had enough experience to know that the second Danny slid his arm around her waist and kissed her, everything about their friendship changed. She had no idea what this meant, but she could not be bothered by it. She wrapped her arms around his neck and enjoyed the moment. Something was moving through her veins in weirdly quick strokes waking up certains parts of her body and brain. She was enjoying the feelings going through her body, if she was honest.

Cliched as it sounded, Camilla forgot for a minute or so where they were, and completely got lost in Danny’s embrace. The blonde responded to Danny’s kiss without any further concern. She was very happy in the position she was currently in. For a second, nothing mattered. She was too relaxed to care about anything else.

Camilla broke the kiss, but her arms remained around his neck. “I can't really complain,” she said with a laugh. What would happen after this? She wasn't sure, but she as hell didn't care right now. There were obvious implications to what just had happened, but they could talk about them later on. Camilla had a myriad of of feelings taking residence inside of her stomach, and she was still trying to make sense of them. She wasn't being successful, though. The only discernible emotion that was taking precedence over herself pertained to the male in front of her.

The Ceti became more bold and kissed Danny again, this time not as gentle or innocent as the first time. She had taken a very good decision to come to the party.

It was not wasted time if she was going to spend her time making out with Danny, which she hoped would happen.

And it did!

*Finish approved by Danny´s author*

  • I respect her decision - Danny, Mon Mar 20 17:53
    A bit of swaying, a bit of stepping, some limited turning around, and Danny supposed it would have been difficult to really mess up his very basic approach to dancing. So even though he knew Camilla... more
    • I would not expect less from you - Camilla, Mon Mar 20 21:37
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