Glad to be agreed with
Tue Mar 21, 2017 02:59

Raja had not predicted a giggle and a blush, but here he was, being giggled and blushed at. She was glad they got matched. He was, too. Raja hadn’t really made any definitive friends at RMI yet, most of his free time spent with the other kids who played Quidditch, most of whom were older than him. And in class he basically worked with whoever was available. He really liked talking to Petra and Rhiya, though. He really, really liked talking to Teal, though, so this was… this was great.

“So I guess we’re on a date!” she declared. Raja felt his face heat up, although he was fairly optimistic that his darker pigmentation might hide the rushing blood. That was convenient, at least. “Do you want to, um, dance or something?”

Okay, no amount of pigmentation could save him from this situation. His cheeks were practically on fire at this point. Raja swallowed, glancing down at her hand. Should he take it? What did he do? How did anybody ever figure out anything to do with girls in the first place? He had once heard about how his tia Kris set up his parents to go on these non-date dates for like a whole year before either of them made a move, and Raja thought that it would take him, like, thirty years in such a situation. That sounded horrible and awkward and why was Teal so pretty? It made his brain stupid and he didn’t know why.

“Yeah!” he said perhaps a bit too brightly. “Ummm….” He just didn’t know how to make that happen. He didn’t want to just grab her hand, so he held up his arm, bent at the elbow, with his chest puffed up. That was the gentlemanly thing to do, right? He’d seen Dad offer to lead Mom like that before - and Mom offer to lead Dad too, because Mom was Like That - and hadn’t quite picked up on the jest in the somewhat cartoonish way it was done. He just emulated as best he could. Don had to know what he was doing at least a little bit since, like, Bailey married him.

Raja led the way over to the dancefloor, his puffed posture falling apart when they got there. (He couldn’t hold his breath like that anymore.) He reached tentatively for her waist, offering a nervous smile as he glanced between her face and her hips, keeping a Respectable Distance between the two of them. His elementary school hadn’t really had many dances, but even at the spare few they did have, he’d never danced with a girl before. This was completely uncharted territory. “Um, I might be bad at this,” he confessed.

  • I agree completely - Teal, Sun Mar 19 03:24
    “Oh! Hi Raja!” Teal grinned, seeing that the younger boy held a blue-green rose. It seemed she was Raja’s date for the evening (or he was her date) (or they were each other’s dates). He looked quite... more
    • Glad to be agreed with - Raja, Tue Mar 21 02:59
      • You're very agreeable - Teal, Sun Apr 9 04:34
        Teal was surprised and delighted when Raja offered her his arm. What a gentleman! He was such a classy guy. She wasn’t exactly sure how to take him up on this. He must have been really smooth as a... more
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