I don't want to be together with you
Tue Mar 21, 2017 05:30

Dade breathed a sigh of relief when Remington appeared next to him, clutching a flower. It didn’t match his, but that was fine with him. The rules of this party were stupid anyway, and he didn’t want to follow them. As long as Remington wasn’t either, he was happy. Of course, it seemed like Remington was always happy. Today as usual she had one of her gigantic bows on, which Dade didn’t understand but had come to accept. They were usually - well, garish was a good word. But her dad made them for her and Remington loved wearing them, so Dade wasn’t too offended by the multicolored creations. It was a little weird that Remington’s dad had made them for her, but Dade would be the second one to admit (the first one would be Rose, always Rose) that his relationship with his father wasn’t the best and was perhaps not a good metric upon which to base an understanding of other peoples’ families.

“Someone should,” Dade agreed with his friend, scanning the party. They were in a particularly large area of the passageways, and Dade wondered if this was a room in and of itself or if it was just a particularly large bit of passageway. An idea came to him. “We could try,” he suggested, unfortunately at the same time as a small, loud person jumped in front of them, arms waving wildly, to inform them that the passageways didn’t like it when people tried to map them.

With skeptical hazel eyes, the first year examined the other student. They were in classes together - Dade was pretty sure this was a fellow first-year. Although using the word ‘fellow’ might be pushing it, because he was immediately sure that they had absolutely nothing in common. The other boy had rudely interrupted a conversation loudly and energetically, in order to try and interrupt their plans. Dade narrowed his eyes.

“They don’t have feelings, they’re hallways,” he said pointedly, glancing over at Remington to see what she was making of the interruption. Dade wondered if this was the appropriate opportunity to try out one of the new hexes he was working on.

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    • I don't want to be together with you - Dade, Tue Mar 21 05:30
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