That's gotta be a pretty long list.
Tue Mar 21, 2017 17:59

Kaye was her name and Bryn chided himself for not remembering that much. He’d heard it before, judging by the familiarity of it. He still knew that he’d never personally met her. “Kaye,” he repeated, committing the name to memory. He didn’t really forget names to faces once he could actually place the name with face. Now that he officially knew Kaye, he wasn’t likely to forget who she was. Besides, “female transfer” had always seemed little rude to refer to someone as, so Bryn was happy to have finally learned her name. He only knew Ruben’s name because his cousins had written about it to the Draco. He’d yet to find the time to catch up with the other male, but figured he was going to have to soon, his cousins were beginning to pester him.

It had been over the break that he’d first heard Ruben’s name. Kolgrim, otherwise known as Kol, was one of his older cousins. Apparently the two had been friends and a transfer to RMI had drawn attention to the other parts of the Nilssen clan. Suddenly, Bryn was in contact with relatives that had barely ever spoken to him. Most of them just wanted to know how Ruben was and Brynjolf failed to see why they couldn’t ask the former Durmstrang student. It was because of such that Bryn was pleased to be paired with Kaye, as she was the transfer that knew significantly less about his family.

“Well, it’s nice to meet you, Kaye,” the third year said with a smile, taking a swig from a bottle that appeared to contain water. The bite of the liquid however, left one desiring water as it burned down their throat. Bryn preferred it to other types of alcohol though, he liked that it reminded him of exactly what he was drinking. He couldn’t mistake it for anything else. “This is your first party, right?”

He was assuming so based on the knowledge that Marissa hadn’t thrown any parties since before Midterm. Of course, that was if he even knew about them. Just another annoying thing about being an old third-year. The fourteen-year-old was often excluded from the parties that, had his birthday been a week or so earlier, he would have attended. But, this was the first one that Bryn had heard about. The questions that Kaye asked cleared up the question altogether. The Nord grinned in his typical mischievous style. “Those are exactly all the things we do.”

“Normally, these aren’t date style, it’s just come, but I think Marissa and Armaan wanted to put a spin on it.” He explained, wiggling the flower still clasped between his fingers. He proceeded to tuck it into his pocket so that he had at least one hand free. He could always tuck his bottle in his pocket, after all it was small enough that it wouldn’t be awkward or bulky. But he didn’t always trust people not to take it off him. “I’m definitely up for it.” He liked the way that Kaye had phrased her question about the parties. It gave him hope that someone else didn’t want to just stand around and be boring.

“Dancing is definitely something that happens,” he said, nodding to the dancefloor. While it was a challenge for the partially deaf male, the music was always relatively loud enough that he could feel the beat, as opposed to hearing it. “Mind-altering fun is always included, whether it’s had by us or just by watching some of the things that can go on.” Bryn was normally a quieter observer and he saw a lot more than some people probably wanted him to. “Mayhem, well, there’s mayhem at this school regardless of whether there’s a party, but I’m open to any kind of suggestions you have for causing it.”

Bryn gave Kaye a smile. “We can take it one step at a time though. Wanna dance?”

  • Eventually, Kaye would get to know everyone around her age at Rocky Mountain International. She knew Heather, because they unfortunately lived together, and she knew Ruben. Not well, but she knew his ... more
    • That's gotta be a pretty long list. - Bryn, Tue Mar 21 17:59
      • I can try to narrow it down - Kaye, Sat Mar 25 22:09
        Kaye chuckled and smirked ever so slightly. “It’s not my first party, but it’s my first party here,” she clarified. If she was being completely honest, she would have admitted that this was her first ... more
        • That might be helpful - Bryn, Tue Mar 28 15:07
          “That makes two of us,” Bryn said with a grin, glad that she wasn’t really about dancing either. If she had been, well, the Nord was sure that Kaye would be disappointed in his skills. After all,... more
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