You don't want to know.
Tue Mar 21, 2017 18:10

Elijah stiffened just slightly as Francine’s voice washed over him. Quickly he shook it off, not wanting anything to seem totally off. If Lucien hadn’t told admin about their not so chance meeting earlier in the week, he was making the assumption that not even Francine knew about it. Plus, the fact that she still greeted him normally was a tip off too. If she knew, he imagined that he might have been meeting her fist instead of a smile when he turned around to look at her. The gesture of her hand towards her ear had blue-green eyes following the motion up to the lotus perched behind her ear. Of course. It would be just his luck that he’d be paired with the girl whose boyfriend he’d pummeled just days prior. Karma was certainly out to get him.

The Cetus managed a smile close to how he would normally greet the older student. This he could do as long as he didn’t screw it up by letting something slip. Straightening the edges of his jacket compulsively, the sixth year waved a hand idly in front of himself. “I’d love some company.” He said, smiling at the female. She looked very nice, as did most people in the room. Before she’d approached him, he’d caught sight of a few of his friends, Camilla included. His best friend was currently chatting with Danny and they seemed – cozy. It made Elijah’s stomach turn just a bit at the idea of her with someone else, but he had no technical romantic claim on her so he couldn’t complain.

Besides, Danny was a good friend and he knew that he wouldn’t do anything to upset Camilla. Marissa was there too, chatting with one of the fourth years whose name consistently escaped Elijah’s memory. After leaving Marissa on the pitch, he still wasn’t sure why he’d decided to kiss her. He’d just wanted to in the moment, so he did. She didn’t seem to mind though and that had made it easier to not look too much into it. He hadn’t come into contact with Marissa since then, but he figured he’d bump into her eventually, whether it was intentional or not. Although, judging on how close two of his friends currently were, eventually might wind up being sooner rather than later.

Right now, though, Elijah turned his attention fully to Francine. Being normal around was going to prove difficult, but he swore he could pull it off. From behind Francine, the Cetus thought he noticed Lucien keep glancing their way, but he couldn’t be sure. That just made his stomach churn more. Did the older male really think he would hurt someone else, let alone Francine? He had to be nearly twice her size. That was almost like him hurting Camilla. It was never going to happen. Even if his anger still bubbled under the surface, there was no way he would let himself hurt someone unprovoked. Besides, causing a scene in the middle of the part was definitely a no-go.

“You look nice tonight,” he managed, trying for one of the easier topics. Francine always seemed to dress nicely, so did most of the girls, at least when it came to Marissa’s parties. “Funny you weren’t paired with your boyfriend, you’d think that Marissa and Armaan would have thought about that.”

  • Why so glum, chum? - Francine Holtz, Wed Mar 15 02:09
    In a bizarre twist of events, it was Lucien who wanted to attend a party and Francine who didn’t. It was a blind date party, and she already had the only date she wanted, eyes open. She was certain... more
    • You don't want to know. - Elijah, Tue Mar 21 18:10
      • Why's that, friend? - Francine, Wed Mar 22 23:29
        If Francine were more observant, she might have noticed at least a slight discomfort in Elijah or picked up on some signal that maybe this wasn’t a great idea. But she wasn’t, so she didn’t. The only ... more
        • It's no fun to talk about at a party? - Elijah, Tue Mar 28 14:33
          Elijah found it a bit easier to genuinely smile when Francine seemed relaxed in his company. He had a small amount of hope that this whole thing would just blow over and that only slight... more
          • Well, tell me about it later? - Francine, Sat Apr 8 00:20
            Francine winced internally at the mention of her and Elijah’s mutual friend. She knew Lucien had sorta snapped at Camilla recently and had already talked to him about it. Apparently he had accused... more
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