It's okay to be sometimes.
Tue Mar 21, 2017 18:39

Had Sorsha realized the person that shared her flower was indeed the very person she’d been curious about moments earlier, she probably would have begged Armaan for a different flower. The idea of being thrilled about the blind dates was completely shattered by the fact that Lucien Dubois was her partner. Boy was it going to be one heck of a long night. Still, the Irish girl bucked up a little. She could maybe salvage this night, as long as Lucien was some type of pleasant towards her. They hadn’t really had much interaction since he’d begun dating Francine, so it would be interesting to see if the same harsh opinions still floated in the Ceti’s head. For her part, Sorsha wasn’t going to be unpleasant. It seemed like Lucien had experienced enough displeasure recently. It showed in his words.

The Lyra frowned, immediately worried at the vast lack of venom in Lucien’s voice as he greeted her. In fact, he was downright nice to her. Tucking the buttercup back into her hair, she moved to lean against the wall beside the older male. “We have,” she said as she situated herself, grey eyes watching the crowd instead of being focused on someone she considered an enemy. But, the thing about it, was that Sorsha found that she enjoyed the arguments that she had with Lucien. It was a lot like how she and Justin interacted. Their relationship was mostly based on mutual hatred, but it worked for them. “I’ve been, uh, good.” She said, tapping her fingers against the wall awkwardly. Merlin help her, how in the world was she supposed to deal with a cordial Lucien Dubois?

“Are uh, are you doing alright?” It was really a foolish question. Sorsha knew that the older boy had been having a difficult time since his mishap with Holland. She was perhaps one of the only person above fifth year that really wasn’t involved or didn’t have an outstanding opinion about the problem. She felt awkward asking about it, but she felt obligated to ask. “I know things haven’t been the greatest,” she continued before he could answer, trying to convey that she mostly knew the answer, but that the male was welcome to talk to her if he wanted. “But it seems to be a bit quieter at least?”

As far as she knew, anyone that had a problem had dealt with it accordingly. On a certain level, despite being slightly happy about the turn of events still, she had to feel bad. No one deserved to be this hated. No one deserved to feel ousted and alienated just because of something. She knew that it was wrong that he purposefully misgendered Holland, but she could see how someone as practical (and downright mean) as the older Draco was didn’t see that. Honestly, Sorsha thought it was almost brave that he’d shown up. Well, brave or incredibly stupid, considering how many enemies that he had at the moment. Probably the latter, but either way, just his presence at the party spoke volumes. Lucien wasn’t afraid. Or if he was, he just wasn’t planning on hiding. Definitely stupid.

“I know that we’re not the best of friends,” Sorsha said, looking over at the crowd that had begun to gather. “But if you ever wanted to talk about it with someone who doesn’t have any opinion either way, I could try my best not to hate you for a little while.” It was meant to be more teasing, but it came out on a serious note. Sorsha would listen, because she felt that everyone needed an ear and sometimes, the most unbiased people were the ones that couldn’t stand you. "But if not, that's okay too. We can just hang here and people watch." It wasn't exactly what the Lyra had in mind for the night, but it wasn't the worst thing she could be doing.

  • I'm just kind of dark right now - Lucien Dubois, Wed Mar 15 01:38
    Everything hurt. Everything. In some ways, Lucien’s life had gotten better recently. He had reconciled with Francine - well, that wasn’t entirely the right word as they had never fallen too far... more
    • It's okay to be sometimes. - Sorsha, Tue Mar 21 18:39
      • As long as it ends eventually. - Lucien, Wed Mar 22 13:25
        He tensed a little as Sorsha moved around him, watching her from the corner of his eye as she took up a leaning stance at the wall beside him. Okay. That was fine. She responded that she was doing... more
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