As long as it ends eventually.
Wed Mar 22, 2017 13:25

He tensed a little as Sorsha moved around him, watching her from the corner of his eye as she took up a leaning stance at the wall beside him. Okay. That was fine. She responded that she was doing good, and habitually a stickler for grammar, he automatically interjected with a “Well”. To be good wasn’t a grammatically appropriate response to his question. Correcting someone else’s grammar was admittedly a bit of a sore spot these days, thanks to Holland, but his inclination to do so couldn’t be helped at this point. Lucien had spent literal years periodically correcting his peers and he rather thought it impossible to shake off that habit. Also thought it impractical. If the reliable consistency of grammar couldn’t be upheld, what could?

“But it seems to be a bit quieter at least?”

Lucien scoffed, fists tightening in his pockets as his ribs twinged at the slight abdominal motion. “Sure has,” he returned, well aware of how his body language was contradicting the words. Eh, he could just lay on the sarcasm a little thicker, and she wouldn’t think twice about it; it would hardly count as suspicious. “It’s been so quiet that I’m starting to get a little bored,” Lucien added dryly. It took some active focus to maintain a normal, even tone, but he had some practice at this, and managed fine. If he could hide his condition from Francine for more than a day, this conversation would be a breeze. He strongly doubted Sorsha held a high enough opinion of him to pay closer attention and tell the difference between before and now, anyways.

Skimming the room for the nth time, brown eyes landed again on Emmett, who was apparently partnered up with Rose. Because why wouldn’t they have been placed together? It wasn’t as cruel a joke as seeing his girlfriend unknowingly wind up with a brute, but the two younger students were a suitable match, he reflected grumpily. One infantile, one intelligent; both impulsive, ignorant, and lacking decorum. His eyes narrowed at them for a moment before turning back around to Francine, who seemed to be doing fine. As she should be. The seventeen-year-old then glanced along the walls of the room, taking stock of the odd cluster of first- and second-years and their position relative to the drinks table and especially the pitchers of questionable content. Unlike some (another subtle glance at Elijah), the Prefect badge was one he had taken seriously from the day it was first pinned on his robes, and he would put those responsibilities above most anything else.

The benefit of putting so much repeated effort into monitoring everyone around him was that Lucien was able to better ignore his own physical and psychological state. That was the point of social gatherings, was it not? To ‘party’ (again ungrammatical; it should hardly count as a verb) and forget yourself for a few hours? It seemed he wouldn’t even get more than a few minutes, though, Sorsha insistent on pressing the option of talking onto him. “Why would I talk to you about any of this?” he returned, pulling up a half-hearted sneer. “If I wanted no opinions, the wall would be just as suitable a conversation partner.” He pulled one hand out of his pocket to pat the wall behind them pointedly, wincing at how the bend of his arm pulled at his side.

Nope, he wasn’t supposed to be picking fights with Sorsha, remember? Lucien sighed, unconsciously reaching to rub at his aching ribs before realizing how that might look, and attempted to somewhat smoothly disguise it by folding both arms across his chest. “This is going to suck for you,” he stated plainly, shifting his back against the wall. People-watching was his destiny tonight, but he could do it alone. “Please, go have fun with someone else.”

  • It's okay to be sometimes. - Sorsha, Tue Mar 21 18:39
    Had Sorsha realized the person that shared her flower was indeed the very person she’d been curious about moments earlier, she probably would have begged Armaan for a different flower. The idea of... more
    • As long as it ends eventually. - Lucien, Wed Mar 22 13:25
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