Why's that, friend?
Wed Mar 22, 2017 23:29

If Francine were more observant, she might have noticed at least a slight discomfort in Elijah or picked up on some signal that maybe this wasn’t a great idea. But she wasn’t, so she didn’t. The only things she noticed were his smile and his words, accepting her company. “Great,” she smiled back, grateful for the pleasant change of pace from all the drama lately.

He complimented her, and her smile grew. “You think so?” she mused. “I wasn’t sure about the dress, but I think I like it. Thanks.” Francine appreciated the green chiffon for its flowiness, but it ended above the knee, which was always a bit worrying to her, even with the high boots and tights. It was a lot of leg. She usually did her best to pretend she didn’t have legs. It was more flattering to imagine her torso was just hovering atop the long, swishy skirts, and that she moved her converse like Rayman.

The seventh year chuckled lightly as his comment on pairing. “You’d think so,” she said. “But, well, Marissa is Marissa, I guess.” She glanced back at Lucien briefly. “I think we’re just lucky she put him with Sorsha. At least she’ll be nice to him. There’s been so much going on lately, he deserves a nice time,” she added, sounding a little bit exhausted and yet unable to put the gossip on the backburner even when it was about her and her boyfriend. The only two people she never gossiped about were Sorsha (now) and Nick; Lucien and herself were free game for discussion. “I’m sure everybody’s heard about it by now, but Lucien got into some issues with Holland Keene. Now it seems like everybody’s out to get him.”

“It seems like it’s dying down now, at least,” she concluded with a dismissive hand wave, as if to bat away the notion. “And anyway, that’s no fun to talk about for a party, right?” Francine offered Elijah a hand. “Wanna dance?”

  • You don't want to know. - Elijah, Tue Mar 21 18:10
    Elijah stiffened just slightly as Francine’s voice washed over him. Quickly he shook it off, not wanting anything to seem totally off. If Lucien hadn’t told admin about their not so chance meeting... more
    • Why's that, friend? - Francine, Wed Mar 22 23:29
      • It's no fun to talk about at a party? - Elijah, Tue Mar 28 14:33
        Elijah found it a bit easier to genuinely smile when Francine seemed relaxed in his company. He had a small amount of hope that this whole thing would just blow over and that only slight... more
        • Well, tell me about it later? - Francine, Sat Apr 8 00:20
          Francine winced internally at the mention of her and Elijah’s mutual friend. She knew Lucien had sorta snapped at Camilla recently and had already talked to him about it. Apparently he had accused... more
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