Let's shake things up, just in case
Fri Mar 24, 2017 04:48

“Marissa’s pretty good, it’s all about teambuilding right now since we’re losing Justin Alderman after this year, at least,” Rose said. “And since we don’t have reserves we’ll probably have some firstie come in, and that will be interesting.” Marissa was in this captain game for the long term, which made sense. It was a little unusual for a captain to end up with three years in the position, since it usually went to the person with the most seniority, but Rose could understand why Justin hadn’t been given the position. He was the most asocial jerk that Rose had ever met, even if he was pretty good at classes and inexplicably good with first years. As far as she was aware nobody in their year could stand him, and although Rose didn’t know the upper years well, given his personality she wouldn’t be surprised if he had no friends at all. She had only rarely seen him actually talking to anybody, anyway, outside of Quidditch and the weird tutoring he did with first years.

Emmett had been distracted and was looking around the room and Rose followed his gaze to see Marissa talking with Russell, one of the transfers from earlier that year. Rose smirked. Marissa hadn’t mentioned an overwhelming interest in Russell, but that didn’t mean she wouldn’t go for it at a party. Especially if she’d been drinking, although Rose wasn’t entirely sure she had been. She wasn’t sure how much of the firewhiskey Marissa’s aunt had given Marissa was left. Rose’s best friend and roommate was definitely more inherently interested in alcohol than Rose was, but that was admittedly not too hard.

Anyway, Rose was about to cut in to distract Emmett from his puppy-dogging at Marissa when he turned his attention back to her and suggested that they dance. The Aquila blinked hazel eyes at the younger student before shrugging her shoulders.

“Sure!” she said, grabbing his hand and pulling him insistently on to the dance floor. However, her plans for a fun dance were almost immediately quashed as the music changed to something slower, clearly meant to be a little more romantic. Rose pulled a face even as her stomach squirmed a little bit and she looked at Emmett. Do I like like him? She didn’t know. She didn’t understand crushes, but on the other hand - would she really get it unless she experimented? Rose knew that if Marissa were there in that very moment her best friend would do nothing but egg her on, so with a mental squaring of her shoulders she looked at the boy she had just dragged to the dance floor. “Still down?” she asked, only a little awkwardly.

  • When have I ever been "too" comfortable? - Emmett, Mon Mar 20 02:55
    “Oh my god!” Emmett laughed. “That’s hilarious.” He could just imagine Lucien with his legs immobilized and little birds bumping their pointy little beaks into the side of his head. It was probably... more
    • Let's shake things up, just in case - Rose, Fri Mar 24 04:48
      • Shaken, not stirred? - Emmett, Fri Mar 24 23:09
        Emmett hadn’t predicted Rose’s response. Admittedly, she was pretty unpredictable in general, at least to him, but he was just trying to not think so hard, and he hadn’t stopped to expect anything.... more
        • Bond, James Bond. - Rose, Sun Mar 26 09:45
          It was a little surprising that Emmett was still down to dance even though the mood of the songs had changed drastically. Emmett was an awkward little puppy and definitely wasn’t the smartest... more
          • I guess that makes me the Bond girl - Emmett, Wed Mar 29 16:16
            “Let’s do it!” She grabbed his hands and put them where she wanted them, and Emmett swallowed nervously, fighting off the rising heat in his cheeks. Well, this was certainly not how he had expected... more
            • The role suits you - Rose, Thu Mar 30 09:16
              Rose burst out laughing as Emmett thanked her for thanking him for the dance. Honestly, from his poleaxed look, Rose was a little surprised that he managed words at all. The fifth year hadn’t... more
              • Well, if the mini skirt fits... - Emmett, Fri Apr 7 23:16
                Wh… what? Wait, okay, so rewind. What had even just happened? Emmett and Rose danced, then she kissed him - Rose Farnon kissed him, Emmett Lawrence - and then he stood there like an idiot, as often... more
                • Now there's something I'd like to see - Rose, Wed Apr 12 05:40
                  Although Emmett began answering her question like a normal person, he - completely out of nowhere - started babbling about how she had kissed him. Rose blinked hazel eyes at the fourth year, a little ... more
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