He could be fun
Fri Mar 24, 2017 23:34

Remington considered herself to be a fairly friendly person. That reason made her friendship with Dade more amusing. He wasn’t a friendly person. When she tried to rationalize their friendship, she could only think of one sticky image. Her kindergarten teacher had been a fan of sticky images. She said that if you could associate an image with something being learned, it’d be easier to remember. Almost all of their letters had a sticky image that helped them learn the letter sounds. Remington didn’t need to remember that she and Dade were friends, but she had a habit of creating mental sticky images anyway. There were things that helped organize her thinking, and that was one of them. She imagined that she and Dade were like Velcro. He was the spiky side, and she was the fuzzy one, and despite their conflicting personalities, their friendship just worked.

Her face brightened when he suggested that they try mapping out the passageways, and she almost got out an excited yes. Remington couldn’t help it; she was curious. It kept her going back to the library and kept her going to her classes. Besides enjoying the last party she went to at Halloween, curiosity is what got her to come to this one, and it’s what got her to ask Dade to show up, too. Wanting to know more about something drove many of Remington’s decisions. Dade’s suggestion was perfectly aligned with her interests.

“Don’t do that! It's no good!”

Remington let out a surprised squeak when another student popped up in front of them. She managed not to bump into Dade, or against the wall, but she still jumped a little. She didn’t do being surprised very well. Her family tried throwing her a surprise party once. When everyone came out from hiding and shouted surprise, Remington cried for about thirty minutes straight.

She managed to blink her brown eyes and focus on what the other student was saying. He was a first year too, like them. She remembered his name – Hunter – but she didn’t know much else about him. She couldn’t even recall what house he was in. He seemed like an odd duck but, despite him being part of a literal jump scare just now, harmless. Remington glanced over at Dade and tried to decide how to proceed.

“Do you have personal experience with that?” Remington asked Hunter curiously, deciding to try and understand what he was going on about first. It probably wasn’t what Dade wanted, but if they were going to make a passageways map together, they needed as much information as possible. “Have you tried making a map of the passageways?”

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    Dade breathed a sigh of relief when Remington appeared next to him, clutching a flower. It didn’t match his, but that was fine with him. The rules of this party were stupid anyway, and he didn’t want ... more
    • He could be fun - Remington, Fri Mar 24 23:34
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        As usual, Hunter realized jumping out and animatedly talking at people without warning or introduction was probably not the greatest idea only after doing it. He’d really have to work on that. The... more
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