Well I wouldn't want to be rude
Sun Mar 26, 2017 09:15

Great, now Marley was acting like he was stupid for not knowing what cheese in a jar was. Connor bristled a little bit. Well maybe she was the stupid one for eating cheese that came in a jar. There was probably something wrong with it. It was probably spoiled or something and then she’d get sick and that would show her. It sounded like the sort of stupid thing Muggles would do, Connor thought. They didn’t know better about a lot of things. Cultural Studies had really opened his eyes to how primitive life without magic was. Muggles had more technology than wizards did, but from what Connor had seen, Muggle technology could easily be charmed to work for wizards, but Muggles could never use magic. That was one of the reasons wizards were better. Also they didn’t eat cheese in jars.

Marley had grabbed a brownie and Connor’s brain was already scrambling to come up with another way to remove himself from this inane conversation about the poor eating habits of Muggles when she decided to keep talking. Because of course she kept talking.

"Okay, so you know cream cheese, right?"

Connor nodded begrudgingly. He was used to calling it Philadelphia, but he knew what it was at least. But Marley kept describing the Cheese Whiz and Connor went from secure in his knowledge of their starting point to horrified at their ending point. He didn’t understand Marley’s talk about chemicals and bad sugars, but was too wrapped up in her continued explanation of the apparent monstrosity that was Cheese Whiz to stop and ask questions about those things too. Why would you make anything a neon orange color? Cheddar cheese was already a little uncomfortably orange for Connor. In his opinion, very few things had the right to be orange, unless they had carrots in. And carrots did not come in neon, unless you’d done magic on them. And you were supposed to put the orange Philadelphia that Marley was describing on top of toast and then eat it? No thank you. Connor added another item on the list of reasons why he was glad he had been born into an appropriately pureblood family rather than as a Muggle. Euegh.

With a wince, Connor tried to circle back around to where the conversation had started and found that he couldn’t remember how they’d gotten on the track of discussing Cheese Whiz. He wondered if Marley intentionally did things to horrify him. It was something that Rose and Dade both did at times, aware that his sensibilities were more delicate than theirs because he actually cared about things. Dade could be convinced to care sometimes when he was out of the influence of their sister, but now they were all at RMI Connor had been finding that he could cajole Dade into behaving less and less. Between Rose and that Remington girl, Connor was about ready to write his younger brother off as a lost cause.

“Ah,” what to talk about now? “That sounds very innovative of the Muggles,” is what he came up with in response to the horrors Marley had laid out before him. He looked at the cheese tray, but had thoroughly been put off food by their discussion. “But I suppose they have to be innovative. Their food is usually so boring.” Especially the ice cream, Connor had discovered on one of their Cultural Studies trips to Pearl Street. While wizards had flavors that would change flavors in the middle of eating it, make sparkles shoot out of your mouth, or make you feel tingly all over, Muggles were stuck with boring things like ‘chocolate’ and ‘vanilla’. Connor didn’t mind a good vanilla cone once in awhile but having those be your only options must be terrible.

  • It's really not your best effort - Marley, Fri Mar 24 14:13
    Caught by surprise, she blinked at Connor a few times before bursting into giggles. He didn't have a very obvious sense of humour, but she had learned over the past twoish years that he could be... more
    • Well I wouldn't want to be rude - Connor, Sun Mar 26 09:15
      • You've been anything but! - Marley, Sun Mar 26 13:09
        "That's one way to put it," she agreed brightly, or as brightly as she could manage through her mouthful of brownie. Innovative was too fancy of a word for something as boring as Cheese Whiz, but it... more
        • I do try my best - Connor, Mon Mar 27 04:28
          Well he shouldn’t have been surprised that Marley was prone to outbursts but Connor couldn’t say that he wasn’t surprised by the comment that had triggered this one. He was confused. Muggle food was... more
          • Let me help you with that - Marley, Tue Mar 28 00:48
            “Well, yeah,” Marley returned, not picking up on his patronizing tone. “But that’s proof, isn’t it? A lot of Muggle food and wizard food aren’t very different at all, since they have the same food... more
            • I wouldn't call any of this 'helping' - Connor, Mon Apr 10 04:45
              Apparently he had offended Marley by explaining the nature of the world to her, which was somehow unsurprising. In Connor’s experience (largely at RMI), people who weren’t purebloods could get awful... more
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