A natural gift
Mon Mar 27, 2017 01:00

Apparently, Marissa didn’t find him a drag after all. On one hand, he could understand that. Dancing together had been really fun. On the other hand, which was proportionately larger, Russell couldn’t fit that in with how he understood himself. Surely retreating to a dark corner wasn’t her idea of a fun night. It wasn’t as if they were doing anything like... well, that. Feeling his cheeks grow warm at the sight of a couple older students going at each other in his peripheral vision, Russell snapped his eyes forward again and back on the fifth-year. Nope, stuff like that wasn’t happening, and even if he didn’t qualify as a drag to her, he was certain it never would. Whether or not he had an opinion on that, he was less certain; he hadn’t yet met anyone he could realistically see himself being interested in, and so couldn’t adequately weigh up his thoughts on the matter.

Also apparently, she was really enjoying her drink. He couldn’t see any other reason why she was downing it so quickly. Sure, his tasted a little better mixed in the ginger ale, but the ratio of alcohol to soda in Marissa’s glass was definitely way higher than his, considering how she’d casually dumped her whole flask into it after they had sat down here. Watching her take another drink, brow furrowed slightly, he decided that it couldn’t possibly be an enjoyable taste. So either she was drinking it with a purpose, or she drank frequently enough that the taste didn’t bother her. Neither option was exactly reassuring. He didn’t know Marissa very well, but he wasn’t the type of person to not care about others’ well-being simply because he didn’t know them.

“That’d be... really great,” he returned, slightly surprised by her proposal and more than slightly delighted. “We could dance again. Or, well, anything. I have time.” Russell tried not to let his delight show too much, because that wouldn’t be Cool, but he quickly gave up on holding back a wide smile and managed to flash one at her without even worrying about whether there was something in his teeth. Admittedly, he hadn’t eaten anything since brushing and flossing after dinner, so that helped. And he suspected the drink was a part of that too, but he didn’t know what it was supposed to feel like so couldn’t really pinpoint it beyond more than suspicion.

He took another sip of his drink and then paused at the reminder, turning to Marissa. “Are you alright?” Russell asked her, trying not to sound too concerned, but just like his failure to stop smiling, he was pretty sure that some concern slipped out too. He’d never been good at hiding how he felt, probably due to lacking practice with it. Situations often arose in which he felt like he should be acting as someone else but his ability to actually put on a different face like that was basically nonexistent. “‘Cause this is good, but I don’t think it’s that tasty,” he continued with a faint grin, tilting his head towards her cup. “Do you need to, well, call it a night or something?”

  • It's a talent - Marissa, Sat Mar 25 23:21
    Marissa grinned and made her way to the drinks, where she grabbed two cups and two cans of ginger ale. She knew she’d have fun with Russell, because the red head knew how to have fun in pretty much... more
    • A natural gift - Russell, Mon Mar 27 01:00
      • Organic! - Marissa, Fri Mar 31 21:37
        It was really sweet how happy Russell was now. Marissa couldn’t think of a time where she’d seen the fourth year smile so genuinely. He was a really nice kid. A little odd, but everyone at Rocky... more
        • Mechanic! - Russell, Fri Mar 31 23:08
          Marissa didn't just offer to hang out, no - she offered to invite him along when we all hang out. He would've been happy simply with her promise to have him join her to practice dancing. But this,... more
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