I do try my best
Mon Mar 27, 2017 04:28

Well he shouldn’t have been surprised that Marley was prone to outbursts but Connor couldn’t say that he wasn’t surprised by the comment that had triggered this one. He was confused. Muggle food was objectively dull. It didn’t do anything special. Yes, it could be multicultural but that wasn’t a trait specific to Muggle food whereas special effects were a trait specific to wizarding food. Plus, Connor would bet that Muggle food took a lot longer to prepare. He’d never been one to cook (although Rose had gone through a Phase a few years ago that had driven everyone in the house absolutely mental), but he had been in the kitchen at home for long enough to watch the cook do magical preparations for meals and it seemed like it would be terrible to do without a wand. Their cook could peel and cut up a potato in seconds, whereas it must take Muggles much longer. He didn’t even know what you would peel a potato with. A knife? That seemed dangerous.

“There are wizards in other countries, you know,” Connor pointed out, a little patronizing. “Just because they’re wizards doesn’t mean they don’t eat traditional foods too.” He imagined, anyway. Connor had never been to another country aside from the United States and once to Canada when he was very young. He didn’t remember much of Canada, except that he had built a snowman with his siblings, which was not an experience unique to Canada, and that he had croissants, which was again not an experience unique to Canada. The second year did not have much of an inclination to visit other countries, if he was speaking honestly. Australia seemed overly warm and Connor knew that it had some of the most dangerous magical creatures in the world, and he couldn’t think of another country that spoke English as its primary language. Connor did not know and did not plan to learn another language.

Of course, since Marley had mentioned her grandmother and Muggle food, that meant that she was at least partially Muggle, which explained quite a bit. Although the Farnon family didn’t spend much time socializing, when they did it was with purebloods similar to them. Even a year and a half at RMI had not broken Connor of the habit of assuming that everyone had a background similar to his, which was an assumption that failed him almost as much as it helped him. It did explain something about Marley though. Well. Connor looked at his classmate, her appearance, and her outfit critically. More than one thing.

“Wizards just have more resources than Muggles do,” Connor continued. “We can do more things. It’s not their fault,” he added as an afterthought. And it wasn’t. Although Connor wasn’t hadn’t embraced Muggle culture with open arms as his sister had (she had even asked their father for a Muggle musical device for Christmas), he was certainly not prejudiced, unlike some purebloods. He acknowledged that Muggles were people entitled to their own lives, even if they were doomed to live those lives in a sheltered, backwards manner.

  • You've been anything but! - Marley, Sun Mar 26 13:09
    "That's one way to put it," she agreed brightly, or as brightly as she could manage through her mouthful of brownie. Innovative was too fancy of a word for something as boring as Cheese Whiz, but it... more
    • I do try my best - Connor, Mon Mar 27 04:28
      • Let me help you with that - Marley, Tue Mar 28 00:48
        “Well, yeah,” Marley returned, not picking up on his patronizing tone. “But that’s proof, isn’t it? A lot of Muggle food and wizard food aren’t very different at all, since they have the same food... more
        • I wouldn't call any of this 'helping' - Connor, Mon Apr 10 04:45
          Apparently he had offended Marley by explaining the nature of the world to her, which was somehow unsurprising. In Connor’s experience (largely at RMI), people who weren’t purebloods could get awful... more
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