Dardanius Dubois
That post-party post
Mon Mar 27, 2017 16:10

Best party ever, Danny thought as the passageways began to clear. He spent a couple of minutes kissing Camilla goodnight (despite having spent most of the evening kissing her, it definitely wasn't objectionable to engage in just a little more), but he didn't head back to Lyra commons yet; he had promised to help clean up after the party. He usually helped afterwards, but with Armaan being the co-host, Danny felt even more inclined to stay and tidy, because he doubted the older student would.

The fifth year collected a couple of discarded cups, and tried to organise his thoughts as his head began to clear. He never would have guessed that his interactions with Camilla would have progressed to something more intimate, but he was pleased that they had. In fact he couldn't help grinning to himself at the thought. He had, however, been entirely distracted from talking to, or even thinking about, anyone else who had been at the party. He was vaguely aware that there had been music playing, and his friends dancing in their couples, but really he'd only witnessed the very start of the party. Now he was without distractions, he had some curiosity about how everyone else had spent their time.

Only a handful of people were still hanging around, so Danny retrieved his wand from an inside pocket of his dress robes and started magically taking down the decorations. Usually Marissa had come over by now and told him that he didn't really need to stay and help - to which he always replied that he honestly didn't mind - but not tonight. It occurred to him only then that maybe her date with Russell had gone as well as his had with Camilla.

Huh. Turning around so abruptly he cricked his neck, Danny sought out the signature red hair that was easy to spot even in dark passageways with even darker corners.

    • I hope I didn't keep you waiting too long - Marissa Kendrick, Fri Mar 31 22:38
      Damn it. Marissa stared at the decorations that had made it to the highest corner of the secret passageways. She was sure there was a spell to bring them down, but she couldnít remember what they... more
      • Are you worth the wait? - Dardanius, Sat Apr 1 16:33
        He found Marissa immediately, as she was already looking at him. He had the sort of surprise that a person experiences when theyíre thinking about a person and then turn around too quickly and... more
        • Danny always stayed to clean up; that was true. He was good like that. She couldnít think of a single time that Danny hadnít stayed, even when she told him he didnít have to. This party was... more
          • You're not wrong - Danny, Mon Apr 3 09:04
            Dardanius cringed at Marissaís reminder that he and Camilla had not been especially discreet to begin with; it had, as she said, taken them a while to relocate to the shadows. In his defence, it... more
            • I rarely am - Marissa, Sat Apr 8 15:12
              Teasing Danny helped. It was natural, and he always reacted in a super fun way. Whatever Marissa was feeling right now, she genuinely knew that Danny had not intended for his evening to turn out the... more
              • So what's your take on this? - Danny, Sat Apr 8 16:16
                He had only been searching for a short while when Dannyís wandlight illuminated a pair of black and red high-heeled shoes that easily looked as though they could belong to Marissa. They were even the ... more
                • That we're making quite a mess - Marissa, Sun Apr 9 10:02
                  Wanting Russell around was also about more than giving Russell friends. He needed them, sure, but there was another person at Rocky Mountain International who was going to need more friends. Her... more
                  • I'll agree with that - Danny, Sun Apr 9 10:36
                    He wished he hadnít said anything. Marissa didnít seem impressed by his question, and why would she? It really wasnít his business to ask about her eveningís activities, as she informed him a moment... more
                    • Welp, go us. - Marissa, Sun Apr 9 10:59
                      She immediately felt bad about her response. She didnít mean to be rude or whatever. Itís not like her love life had ever been a secret from anyone. Even if she actively tried to keep it a secret, no ... more
                      • Glad that's over - Danny, Sun Apr 9 11:39
                        Marissa seemed to want to talk at the same time, which was fine, because Danny hadn't been sure he was helping the situation. She was blaming Armaan for making her cranky, which caused him to grin a... more
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