Let me help you with that
Tue Mar 28, 2017 00:48

“Well, yeah,” Marley returned, not picking up on his patronizing tone. “But that’s proof, isn’t it? A lot of Muggle food and wizard food aren’t very different at all, since they have the same food culture.” She nodded cheerfully, certain that would be the end of it, and scooped up another brownie from the table. They were tasty brownies. They were also, like, normal brownies. See? More proof! What could wizards possibly contribute to brownies that Muggles hadn’t done already? Maybe you could use magic to keep brownies warm or something, but personally Marley thought that brownies, like cookies and bread, were just meant to cool down. They tasted great warm, and also great less-warm, and if you baked them properly then they stayed soft without turning into crunchy crackers like those premade grocery store cookies that were full of Chemicals and Bad Sugars.

Connor wasn’t done yet, though, and went on to explain that wizards had better resources. Well, technically he said more, but the tone of his voice said better to Marley, as if being able to do more things made them better. But could wizards really do more when it came to food? According to her mum, there were charms to help with preparing vetegables and meat, and apparently wizards could use other charms for actually cooking food, too. Despite being told about all of this, Marley had only ever seen her mum use magic to help with stirring chicken noodle soup on the stove. Their stove had a few enhancements, of course - Mum was a genius with magitech, even if she couldn’t handle making soups that didn’t come out of a can. But that didn’t make one better than the other.

His concluding sentence - “It’s not their fault” - made her cringe. She didn’t think she had ever heard Connor say something like that before. Or anyone, actually. But it was a super cringey thing for him to say.

“What d’you mean, it’s not their fault?” she protested, extra emphasis slipping out on the word. Marley’s normal smile had fallen off at this point. That being said, she wasn’t actually angry, because it was silly to get angry before she understood what he meant by that. (She ironically proceeded to bulldoze on and keep talking rather than given him time to respond.) It was also silly because what he said was in itself an extremely silly statement. Considering how logical of a person Connor normally was... well, maybe he’d drunk something accidentally that one of the older kids had put Stuff in. That made sense. And was a further reason for her not to be angry at her friend now.

“Calling it fault doesn’t make sense, ‘cause it goes both ways. Like, it’s not your fault that you got to be born a wizard,” Marley pointed out. “You’re lucky. And Muggles are lucky, too. Wizards can’t really do more things, just different things.” Pausing a moment, something occurred to her and she snapped her fingers in realization. The grin returned in full force. “Actually, I bet I can do more things, since I’m Halfblooded and I grew up learning both magic stuff and Muggle stuff.” Maybe that was why Connor had called it a fault. If he didn’t grow up around Muggles, then how would he know anything about how cool the Muggle world was and how well it fit together with the magical world? “Ooh, I’ll teach you more about Muggle stuff, and then you’ll be able to combine them too!” she offered brightly, clapping her hands in excitement, her prior cringeyness forgotten. “Gosh, I was worried you were being all judgey again. This will be great!”

  • I do try my best - Connor, Mon Mar 27 04:28
    Well he shouldn’t have been surprised that Marley was prone to outbursts but Connor couldn’t say that he wasn’t surprised by the comment that had triggered this one. He was confused. Muggle food was... more
    • Let me help you with that - Marley, Tue Mar 28 00:48
      • I wouldn't call any of this 'helping' - Connor, Mon Apr 10 04:45
        Apparently he had offended Marley by explaining the nature of the world to her, which was somehow unsurprising. In Connor’s experience (largely at RMI), people who weren’t purebloods could get awful... more
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