It's no fun to talk about at a party?
Tue Mar 28, 2017 14:33

Elijah found it a bit easier to genuinely smile when Francine seemed relaxed in his company. He had a small amount of hope that this whole thing would just blow over and that only slight repercussions would come his way. However, time would only tell what his actions would hold for him. In the meantime, the smile painted onto Elijah’s features felt real enough to him. Yet another hope that people saw it the same. But Francine’s own smile never wavered and so the act continued.

The male was momentarily dazzled when Francine’s smile grew. For a sudden moment, he was reminded of why he’d once harbored a crush on her. That thought was quickly discarded in favor of a quick nod, thoughts focusing once more on the continued conversation. Of course, with the mention of Lucien, it took a turn towards the big to do that had been circulating the school. Elijah did his best to listen and not behave awkwardly as they stood there. Easier said than done. However, the topic was obviously something that most people had heard of, and to some extent, he needed to comment on it.

“Camilla mentioned some of the backlash,” Elijah said, keeping his expression neutral. He even managed to lift his shoulders in an indifferent shrug. “I didn’t realize it’d become such a big deal.” The Cetus certainly wasn’t lying. He hadn’t necessarily understood the extent of what had been going on before his best friend got involved. It made for an easy way to relate to the conversation without having to awkwardly avoid the topic. Elijah was glad when Francine changed the topic.

“Sure, we can dance if you want.” Along with the words, Elijah took the offered hand. It would be strange not to dance at a party. The sixth year just hoped that Lucien didn’t decide to march over and cause a problem because Elijah was dancing with his girlfriend. It wasn’t his fault the flowers had put them together and he certainly wasn’t going to be rude to Francine.

  • Why's that, friend? - Francine, Wed Mar 22 23:29
    If Francine were more observant, she might have noticed at least a slight discomfort in Elijah or picked up on some signal that maybe this wasn’t a great idea. But she wasn’t, so she didn’t. The only ... more
    • It's no fun to talk about at a party? - Elijah, Tue Mar 28 14:33
      • Well, tell me about it later? - Francine, Sat Apr 8 00:20
        Francine winced internally at the mention of her and Elijah’s mutual friend. She knew Lucien had sorta snapped at Camilla recently and had already talked to him about it. Apparently he had accused... more
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