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Tue Mar 28, 2017 15:07

“That makes two of us,” Bryn said with a grin, glad that she wasn’t really about dancing either. If she had been, well, the Nord was sure that Kaye would be disappointed in his skills. After all, when one could barely feel the beat, it made it difficult to dance. The passageways, as Bryn had come to find, for all they made for a great party spot, were very poor at providing vibrations. No vibrations meant no rhythm when it came to dancing. “I have to warn you though, I can’t exactly hear the music.”

It was an understatement, slightly. The music was loud enough that he could hear it in one ear, but the rhythm was lost on him completely. It was an overload to the sensory receptors in his head so it all sounded like noise. It was almost like white noise, which oddly enough, made it easier to hear when in crowds like this. Bryn never had any trouble holding a conversation in loud places. Because the music wasn’t an option, all the Draco could do was to try desperately to focus on the small, barely there vibrations that pulsed under his feet. Despite the limitations, Bryn still took Kaye’s hand and lead the way confidently onto the dancefloor.

Once there though, he felt a little nervous. Thankfully, the song that had started was not a slow one. A blessing and a curse. While it meant that he did not have to slow dance, faster beats were also harder for him to dance to. But that definitely wasn’t going to stop him from trying. Doing his best not to a) focus too much on the beat to where he forgot to pay attention to his date and b) not completely mess up the motions, Bryn placed a hand on Kaye’s waist and started to move them to the music.

Those two goals were nearly impossible with one functional ear.

“So,” he said at some point, flushing slightly as he went off beat. “I feel the need to apologize for how bad this probably is.” Talking and dancing really didn’t mix either, but it was a little awkward for him because he felt like he was flipping his attention too much. “But I can actually only hear out of one of my ears and the floors really don’t provide much vibration. It could be easier for us if you led, if you uh, wanted to.” Merlin, now she probably thought he was a fool.

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    Kaye chuckled and smirked ever so slightly. “It’s not my first party, but it’s my first party here,” she clarified. If she was being completely honest, she would have admitted that this was her first ... more
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