I guess that makes me the Bond girl
Wed Mar 29, 2017 16:16

“Let’s do it!”

She grabbed his hands and put them where she wanted them, and Emmett swallowed nervously, fighting off the rising heat in his cheeks. Well, this was certainly not how he had expected his evening to go. At this point he might have glanced nervously to check on the others, or else specifically to send Holland an expression of worry and confusion and generally Emmett-y awkwardness. He didn’t want Rose to think he was disinterested, though, so he didn’t.

For a moment, he was afraid that he might look at Rose and envision Marissa, but to his relief, he didn’t. He just saw Rose. That was good, at least. This dancing thing was actually pretty fun, and since she was doing the leading - not that much was really needed in this type of thing - he didn’t have to worry about it. That was nice.

Then the song changed back to something more upbeat, and the Lyra expected his partner to pull away. But she didn’t.

It was a pretty quick kiss, but a kiss nonetheless. Emmett almost wished it was longer: at least then he would’ve had time to feel his brain go all stupid while it was happening, instead of after, when she was talking to him almost like nothing had happened. Something had happened though, and they both knew it. Rose had kissed him. Like, that happened. In real life.

“Yeah,” he mumbled with a crooked smile. Emmett had no idea if Rose had ever kissed anybody before this, and if he was her first…. Well, he didn’t know what that meant. Marissa didn’t think kissing meant much other than “fun”, but he had no idea where Rose stood on the topic. Somehow, his ex-girlfriend’s best friend’s stance on the matter had just never come up. And he and Rose were friends in the same group, but not really close or comfortable enough to talk about that stuff.

He felt like he should say something, but all he managed was a repeated, “Yeah,” this one a bit louder. Emmett had always thought Rose was beautiful - maybe even more so than Marissa, although he personally was a sucker for red hair - but hadn’t contemplated beyond that. Now having been kissed by her, apparently his brain decided it was time for that notion to come to conscious thought. "Thanks," he forced somewhat cohesively, "for, us, thanking me?"

  • Bond, James Bond. - Rose, Sun Mar 26 09:45
    It was a little surprising that Emmett was still down to dance even though the mood of the songs had changed drastically. Emmett was an awkward little puppy and definitely wasn’t the smartest... more
    • I guess that makes me the Bond girl - Emmett, Wed Mar 29 16:16
      • The role suits you - Rose, Thu Mar 30 09:16
        Rose burst out laughing as Emmett thanked her for thanking him for the dance. Honestly, from his poleaxed look, Rose was a little surprised that he managed words at all. The fifth year hadn’t... more
        • Well, if the mini skirt fits... - Emmett, Fri Apr 7 23:16
          Wh… what? Wait, okay, so rewind. What had even just happened? Emmett and Rose danced, then she kissed him - Rose Farnon kissed him, Emmett Lawrence - and then he stood there like an idiot, as often... more
          • Now there's something I'd like to see - Rose, Wed Apr 12 05:40
            Although Emmett began answering her question like a normal person, he - completely out of nowhere - started babbling about how she had kissed him. Rose blinked hazel eyes at the fourth year, a little ... more
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