So what happens now?
Fri Mar 31, 2017 21:33

Holland’s cheeks pinked slightly at the compliment, and they grinned reflexively. “Drama club, sort of.” They had been involved with the theater at RMI since their first year, and had consequently watched a not-insignificant amount of dress rehearsals. Most of Holland’s thespian career was behind the scenes, choosing costume pieces or applying makeup, but to do those jobs they liked to be familiar with the show. It wasn’t unusual for Holland to sit in the back of the theater with a clipboard and a quill during the first few rehearsals, just to get a feel for the show’s costuming needs.

Holland always liked when they did shows with more involved costumes, especially when they got to do magic as a part of it. Anything that required them to be backstage during the actual performance—dramatic quick-changes or mid-act makeup needs—was preferable. Marissa in particular often got roles that required multiple costumes, both because she was genuinely talented and (Holland suspected) because nepotism was alive and well at RMI.

Anyway, Holland was often adjacent to the dancing, and you picked things up when you watched a number over and over trying to figure out how to make Marissa’s skirt diaphanous and swishy without letting the audience see her underwear during aerials. And once or twice, Marissa voluntold Holland to help her try out some choreography moves. Holland wasn’t much of a dancer, but Marissa knew what she was doing and danced like she was having so much fun, which was the point of social dancing and the part that usually got lost at school dances.

Although not, Holland thought, at this party. Bryn was dancing with Kaye, the transfer with all the cool wigs, and he seemed a little more uptight than was was warranted, but for the most part, everyone dancing seemed relaxed and having fun. Rose and Emmett had joined the dancers, Marissa was still partnered with Russell (although their flowers didn’t match), and Camilla—well, wasn’t Danny a Casanova all of a sudden? There’d be plenty to gossip about in the Lyra boys’ dorms tonight. Hopefully that wasn’t an artifact of whatever had made its way into the punch. There was a reason Holland didn’t drink anything unsealed at Marissa’s parties. Marissa usually kept her libations to herself, but some of the upperclassmen had generous spirits.

Ruben was a little bit closer now. The music wound down and the next song, a much slower one, started playing. “I can follow,” Holland offered, letting go of one of Ruben’s hands and putting theirs on his shoulder. They could also lead, but they had a feeling Ruben would rather take that role. Either was fine with them.

  • I think I agree - Ruben, Sun Mar 19 13:27
    For the unenlightened, a common misconception: dudes in chains either didn’t have a sense of humour at all or it was a strange one. Ruben was somewhere in between this and the opposite of it. He... more
    • So what happens now? - Holland, Fri Mar 31 21:33
      • Now, we slow it down a little - Ruben, Sat Apr 1 00:25
        Ruben was surprised by the change in pace with the party's soundtrack. To be fair, he hadn't done much partying of this style before and so couldn't really be sure that his expectations would like up ... more
        • I like the sound of that - Holland, Wed Apr 5 12:48
          Ruben was a bit of a liar, because he said he wasn’t going to do anything interesting and then he put his hand on the small of their back, which Holland found a very interesting move. Well, all... more
          • That's the reaction I was hoping for - Ruben, Thu Apr 6 00:12
            He'd never been to a party hosted by Marissa before, obviously, so he didn't have much to compare it to. But it was decent, he supposed. Good decorations, good enough music. A pretty energetic crowd, ... more
            • Were you hoping for this too? - Holland, Thu Apr 6 15:11
              Ruben moved even closer, and then let go of their hands to touch Holland’s jawline, which sent a good-nervous quiver from their cheek down to their stomach. Holland was self-consciously certain their ... more
              • One hundred percent - Ruben, Fri Apr 7 00:28
                Barring the Thor amulet he never took off, thus wearing it with something resembling religious levels of dedication, Ruben wasn’t the religious type, not at all. However, that didn’t mean he couldn’t ... more
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