Were you waiting for me?
Sun Jan 15, 2017 01:57

She grabbed his hand, and his heart beat faster. Good to know nothing had changed in the last year or so, he supposed, but probably also pretty bad. Marissa still made his stomach pretend it knew how to dance like her, which was a super inconvenient way to feel about an ex. He assumed. He had never had one before now, whereas she had a couple but didn’t seem to think the same way about them. Or about him. Yeah. That was important to remember.

A deep breath in. Marissa was close. Very close. Because dancing was close. And she leaned in closer to speak, to say she was glad he came. Emmett couldn’t smother a crooked smile. “Yeah?” he marvelled optimistically. “I’m glad I came, too. Thanks for inviting me.” Emmett didn’t dance like she did - he wasn’t a great dancer, not on stage and not in the cool, flirty, club-like way whippersnappers today did - but he made an effort and managed to mostly not look horrible. Mostly.

He felt his cheeks flush and hoped she couldn’t see it. Well, at least the “too” at the end of her compliment meant that she had in fact heard him before interrupting. That was... good? “Thanks,” he said plainly. “It was, ah, Holland. I let them put makeup on me again.” They had also helped with the outfit, but something about admitting he wasn’t capable of assembling a decent attire by himself felt a little juvenile somehow. It didn’t exactly inspire confidence in him to know that it took a nonbinary fairy godparent of fashion and good advice to keep Emmett, like, functioning. (God, what was he gonna do when they graduated someday? Fall over and die, probably.)

“This is a good party,” he commented, his head bobbing a little more, starting to feel the music a bit more. “Not that I should be surprised.” His smile grew playfully. “I mean, you’re Marissa Kendrick! Excitement’s what you do!” In that statement, however, Emmett inadvertently reminded himself of what her breakup letter had said, that he was not exciting anymore. Boring. “Hey,” he said with a touch of a frown. “I’m sorry if I’ve been… weird about stuff since we got back. I mean that. I’ll do better, okay?”

  • It's about time you got here! - Marissa, Sat Jan 14 23:09
    The compliment and the way Emmett was looking for didn’t escape Marissa’s notice. In fact, it made her smile even more. Perhaps it was the bit of firewhiskey she’d already had that night. Her body... more
    • Were you waiting for me? - Emmett, Sun Jan 15 01:57
      • I guess you could say that - Marissa, Sun Jan 15 19:55
        “Of course I invited you!” Marissa didn’t point out, of course, that invitations went out to every student in fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh year. Whatever Emmett was feeling about their summer,... more
        • Scale of 1-10, how off am I? - Emmett, Mon Jan 16 22:39
          She was a little pink, but not like him. Emmett had been growing a steady blush, but his was from the rush of things he felt about her, whereas hers was probably just from dancing. But with her hands ... more
          • I never said you were off! - Marissa, Wed Jan 18 10:32
            Marissa couldn’t help but notice that Emmett’s face was getting a little red, and she wondered if hers was, too. She knew that, under the freckles, she was naturally going to be a little pink from... more
            • Sounds like a solid 0. Nice. - Emmett, Wed Jan 18 21:39
              She agreed - he wasn’t super sure if that was a good thing or not, overall - and then took off, coming back a moment later with open hands. Well, at least there was no risk now of something getting... more
              • I never said that! - Marissa, Mon Jan 23 12:24
                Sometimes, Marissa wished she hadn’t dated Emmett. Maybe the reason he couldn’t get himself to let go and just be himself was because he was younger. She hadn’t thought a year would make much of a... more
                • #Mixedsignals - Emmett, Mon Jan 23 23:56
                  “What do you want to do next?” It was a good question. Emmett wanted a lot to do a lot of things next, both in terms of dancing and, like, life. As far as the current party situation went, he mostly... more
                  • You're the only one confused here - Marissa, Sat Jan 28 20:17
                    Maybe it was the alcohol, or maybe it was Emmett going back to being the funny nerd she knew, but Marissa was laughing a lot tonight. It was the good kind of laughter. It spread across her freckled... more
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