Hunter Ioma
Blinded by Science
Sun Apr 2, 2017 14:50

As usual, Hunter realized jumping out and animatedly talking at people without warning or introduction was probably not the greatest idea only after doing it. He’d really have to work on that. The boy mostly just looked nonplussed (Hunter was really enjoying the word-a-day calendar his sister had given him over break), but the girl with the sparkly bow jumped with an audible squeak, and he felt bad about that. He’d have to remember to apologize once his brain caught up with what was going on.

That was some bow she had on, though. Wow. Much sparkle, very amaze. It had an orange daisy in the center which looked pretty neat. Hunter took a moment to appreciate her outfit, which wasn’t the sort of thing he usually did. But for some reason he thought hers, white and yellow and cherries and the sparkly bow and flower, merited some appreciation. It seemed to fit with the flowery atmosphere that was going on.

“They don’t have feelings, they’re hallways”

Hunter pulled his attention back to the boy when he spoke. His brain was apparently now on examining outfits mode and so did that while it was working on understanding what the boy had said. He was wearing a slick-looking purple shirt and snappy pants. Hunter suspected that unlike himself, these two had maybe known about the party ahead of time and shown up on purpose. He felt underdressed again. The boy did have a bellflower that matched his own sticking out of his pocket, which seemed to Hunter like a weird place to put it, but he just mentally shrugged.

“Do you have personal experience with that? Have you tried making a map of the passageways?”

The girl had spoken while his brain was still working on what the boy had said, and his attention was pulled briefly back to her for just a moment. Then his brain got up to speed all at once on what everyone had said and he turned back to the boy, tilting his head a little. “How do you know?” He was sincerely curious, but he suspected the boy didn’t actually know whether or not the hallways had feelings or even if hallways could have feelings. Maybe the boy also came from a non-magical family? He assumed someone who grew up with magic would know all about tricksy hallways, but maybe that wasn’t a fair assumption. He really didn’t know how fair a representation of the “normal” magical world RMI was.

Suddenly remembering to do a thing, he turned back to the girl. “Sorry if I startled you, I didn’t mean to. I guess I don’t always do things in the right order. I’m Hunter.”

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