Well, tell me about it later?
Sat Apr 8, 2017 00:20

Francine winced internally at the mention of her and Elijah’s mutual friend. She knew Lucien had sorta snapped at Camilla recently and had already talked to him about it. Apparently he had accused her of being a homewrecker and trying to steal Francine from him, but she understood that it was just because he was stressed out with everything that had been going on. So she just reminded him that neither she nor Camilla were gay, and that she wasn’t going anywhere. She also gently asked him to please not yell at her friends, and everything was okay.

But she was glad that Elijah went along with her happy change of pace, and she tugged him lightly by the hand he provided her over to the dance area. It was a pop-y song, and she grooved along beside him with minimal touching, mostly just sort of bopping around and letting her ponytail flip playfully. It was fun and silly, the kind of lightheartedness she’d been craving since everything had gotten so darn serious around here. The blonde just wanted to play around and be seventeen.

Her and Elijah’s escapade to the dance floor was, however, timed poorly (or timed very well, depending on one’s opinion on the matter) as after a song or two of upbeatness, the music slowed down. Francine laughed quietly at the change of pace and stepped closer to him, moving to place one hand on his shoulder and offer her other to his. “Lucien’s taught me a bit about partner dancing,” she stated optimistically. “I don’t know how to lead, but I’m pretty good at following if you want to try?” The inflection turned the statement to a question, asking his input. But her hands were finding their way to him, and her hip was right there for the taking.

  • It's no fun to talk about at a party? - Elijah, Tue Mar 28 14:33
    Elijah found it a bit easier to genuinely smile when Francine seemed relaxed in his company. He had a small amount of hope that this whole thing would just blow over and that only slight... more
    • Well, tell me about it later? - Francine, Sat Apr 8 00:20
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