So what's your take on this?
Sat Apr 8, 2017 16:16

He had only been searching for a short while when Danny’s wandlight illuminated a pair of black and red high-heeled shoes that easily looked as though they could belong to Marissa. They were even the same colours as the rest of her outfit, so he could safely assume they were hers, even with the remote yet existing possibility that another person had also removed and misplaced a pair of shoes. He was about to call out to her, when she started talking, instead. Unfortunately she raised the subject he had just about managed to forget, bringing her evening with Russell back to the forefront of his mind. He was pleased to note, however, that she sounded like she’d had a good time. He found further joy in realising that he did want her to have had a good time, even though he’d been concerned about exactly how.

He hadn’t cared how Marissa enjoyed herself before. He’d even had a bet running with Rose about how long her relationship with Emmett would last, so he couldn’t easily account for his current level of interest. He supposed he could be jealous of her kissing other people since he could now include himself in that category, but that would be disgustingly hypocritical of him, considering his evening’s activities. Also it wasn’t as though Marissa was his, in any sense of the word, except when he put the word ‘friend’ afterwards. It did strike him as an appealing notion.

Summoning her shoes, Danny extinguished the light. “Yeah, Russell seems nice,” he replied, making his way back over to Marissa. He’d worked with the fourth year in classes a couple of times. “He keeps a mouse in his pocket,” Danny added, that particular thought springing to his mind and mouth before he’d schooled it. He grinned, partly at the randomness of the fact, and partly because he was holding Marissa’s shoes, their straps hooked over two fingers on his left hand, up like a prize, and it seemed the appropriate expression for the occasion. “I found your shoes,” he said unnecessarily as he moved to stand right in front of her. He glanced at the heels, and then at Marissa, who was marginally smaller than he was when she was barefoot and he was wearing boots, with an eyebrow raised. He was questioning why they needed to be so tall with his expression, rather than his words. She was probably a better height for Russell with them on, he thought, and then there it was again, that frustration and disappointment about a concept that seemed completely misplaced.

“Did you,” he started, handing her shoes over, being indecisive about whether to look at her face or her shoes. He half wanted to know if she’d kissed Russell, and half didn’t want to know. “Um. I mean, you and Russell.” When had he become so inarticulate? And interested in other people’s personal lives? This had to stop. “Sorry, that’s none of my business” Danny grinned to cover for the confusing mess of Merlin knew what was going on, taking a step back to give himself some space.

  • I rarely am - Marissa, Sat Apr 8 15:12
    Teasing Danny helped. It was natural, and he always reacted in a super fun way. Whatever Marissa was feeling right now, she genuinely knew that Danny had not intended for his evening to turn out the... more
    • So what's your take on this? - Danny, Sat Apr 8 16:16
      • That we're making quite a mess - Marissa, Sun Apr 9 10:02
        Wanting Russell around was also about more than giving Russell friends. He needed them, sure, but there was another person at Rocky Mountain International who was going to need more friends. Her... more
        • I'll agree with that - Danny, Sun Apr 9 10:36
          He wished he hadn’t said anything. Marissa didn’t seem impressed by his question, and why would she? It really wasn’t his business to ask about her evening’s activities, as she informed him a moment... more
          • Welp, go us. - Marissa, Sun Apr 9 10:59
            She immediately felt bad about her response. She didn’t mean to be rude or whatever. It’s not like her love life had ever been a secret from anyone. Even if she actively tried to keep it a secret, no ... more
            • Glad that's over - Danny, Sun Apr 9 11:39
              Marissa seemed to want to talk at the same time, which was fine, because Danny hadn't been sure he was helping the situation. She was blaming Armaan for making her cranky, which caused him to grin a... more
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