I watched a movie where if you claimed it you got it.
Sun Jan 15, 2017 10:35

“Hey, fancy seeing you here. Have you had any punch yet? Rose Farnon greeted him. Frankie’s smile didn’t diminish seeing the fifth year. In the few interactions, he had with Rose he always liked her. He thought her accent was amazing and he sort of wished he didn’t have the midwestern one he did when he spoke to her.

“No, no punch yet,” Frankie replied. His gazed went to the punch bowl, and he wondered if it was spiked. Frankie was a partier, but he didn’t drink. Not since the time he had gotten drunk and accidently kissed the Muggle boy, Scott, he had played soccer with a few summers ago. Scott with his blonde hair and brown eyes had reminded Frankie of Nick just a bit, but that hadn’t meant anything.

“Is it spiked?” He asked Rose. In his back pocket, he had a flask filled with pumpkin juice in case it was. That way it looked like Frankie was still drinking but really. Plus he never let anyone drink or eat off of him so it wouldn’t seem like it was off when he didn’t share.

He didn’t wait for an answer. Instead, he took Rose’s hand and spun her. He laughed. “So how was your first week back? The fifth year was a cakewalk for me,” he said with a wink. He figured everyone knew he wasn’t the smartest and that he made pretty poor grades. The seventh year didn’t care. He was a Quidditch player, and he knew he was going to go pro at least, or hopefully make the National team.

  • Woah now how come you're the captain? - Rose Farnon, Sat Jan 14 13:19
    As Marissa’s roommate and number one BFF, Rose had critical jobs important to the party. Jobs like “help arrange snacks” and “help decorate” and “make sure Marissa’s breath doesn’t smell like... more
    • I watched a movie where if you claimed it you got it. - Frankie, Sun Jan 15 10:35
      • So what happens if I claim it too? - Rose, Wed Jan 18 13:33
        ”Is it spiked?” Rose shrugged in response. It was Marissa’s party and she knew Marissa had firewhiskey on her, but she wasn’t sure if her roommate had actually gone so far as to spike the punch.... more
        • We'd both be Party Captains! - Frankie, Sat Jan 21 08:11
          Rose had shrugged by his question of the punch being spiked. The seventh year took a mental note to stick to his flask of pumpkin juice. Not knowing what was in it was a sure fire way to keep Frankie ... more
          • Rasnick was for sure a hardass in Defense, Rose agreed with Frankie there. She still took Defense - still liked Defense, but there was no argument about Rasnick. There were the craziest rumors of... more
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