You're very agreeable
Sun Apr 9, 2017 04:34

Teal was surprised and delighted when Raja offered her his arm. What a gentleman! He was such a classy guy. She wasn’t exactly sure how to take him up on this. He must have been really smooth as a little kid. She didn’t think he had siblings-- where had he gotten it from? Teal was the oldest, so that was no help, and Mom and Dad were gross and grabbed each other’s butt in public. Teal was pretty sure she’d like kissing a boy, but she didn’t think she’d ever want to grab his butt. That was just taking it too far. She put her hand tentatively on Raja’s arm and let him lead her onto the dance floor.

Some of the older students seemed really… into their dancing. Teal tried not to stare (especially not to stare at them and then look at Raja) and ended up staring at her hand on his suit-jacket arm. Was that the music, or was her heart pounding? Raja wanted to dance with her! Did he like her? Of course he liked her (they were friends!), but did he like like her?

Teal had never had anyone like like her before. She’d told herself she didn’t mind, cos she wasn’t a silly girl who only thought about boys. There were lots more fun things to do with someone than sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g, like play chess or watch Quidditch or convince them Zilla was a baby dragon. Plus Teal was pretty sure she wasn’t allowed to have a boyfriend yet. Not that Raja was her boyfriend! They were just going to dance. And here they were, in the middle of the dance floor. Raja put his arm around her waist, and she took his other hand in his. Now what?

“Um, I might be bad at this,” the dark-haired boy confessed.

Teal felt a rush of relief and giggled. “No, it’s okay!” Wait, she didn’t mean it like that. “I mean, I don’t know what I’m doing either.” She put her free hand on his shoulder. That seemed right. They were dancing now? She smiled some more. They were holding hands! And dancing! Raja’s hand was warm and felt nice. Soft, but not too soft. Way softer than Godzilla. And his other hand was around her waist, carefully touching her back. That also felt warm. The Draco didn’t know how to dance, so she sorta swayed along with the beat.

This party was awesome.

She looked into Raja’s eyes (they were right there, so she kinda had to). He had nice eyes: dark brown, with pretty eyelashes. A small part of her brain complained that it wasn’t fair he had longer eyelashes than she did. Most of her brain was busy melting into a pile of goo because there was a cute boy dancing with her.

And her goo brain made her blurt out “I like dancing with you!” just as the music changed. Oh drat, she was sure he’d heard that and now it was a slow song? Slow songs were romantic. This just wasn’t fair. You had to dance different for a slow song (closer?) and Teal’s eyes jumped around to the other couples nearby. Yep, slower, and some of them were kissing! Were you supposed to kiss on a slow song? Was that the rules? Did Raja want to kiss her? She glanced back at his face, blushed, eyed the kissing couple nearby, and glanced back at him, smiling. She hoped her expression conveyed “if we’re supposed to kiss, that’s okay, we can do that,” but she felt like a confused, excited mess. Hopefully a kissable mess!

  • Glad to be agreed with - Raja, Tue Mar 21 02:59
    Raja had not predicted a giggle and a blush, but here he was, being giggled and blushed at. She was glad they got matched. He was, too. Raja hadn’t really made any definitive friends at RMI yet, most ... more
    • You're very agreeable - Teal, Sun Apr 9 04:34
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