That we're making quite a mess
Sun Apr 9, 2017 10:02

Wanting Russell around was also about more than giving Russell friends. He needed them, sure, but there was another person at Rocky Mountain International who was going to need more friends. Her seventh year wasn’t far off; who was Emmett going to hang out with after everyone graduated? His entire friend group was a year older than him. Holland, Danny, Marissa, and Rose were all going to graduate before him. They hadn’t yet managed to get him to be friends with other forth years. Now, though, there were a couple new ones. She really believed that Russell would get along well with everyone in their group, especially Emmett. She wasn’t sure about Kaye yet, though. They’d have to figure that one out.

“He keeps a mouse in his pocket?” Marissa blinked, turning to face the direction of Danny’s voice. “I didn’t see any mouse tonight.”

And then she stopped talking about mice because Danny was suddenly right there in front of her. He was doing the thing where he smiled in a cute, teasing way, and she had to shake that thought out of her mind. Things were so much more complicated when people were friends first. It might help if they had discussed what kissing each other actually meant, but they hadn’t. Marissa was usually quite good at that, especially after Emmett. It was easier to define something right off the bat. Why hadn’t they done that?

“Thanks,” she said, holding her hands out to take the shoes from him. The shoes were found, and the passageways were mostly clean, so maybe they’d go. She and Danny were usually the last ones at her party, so this really wasn’t such a weird thing. If her brain could agree that this wasn’t weird, that’d be great.

“Did you- Um. I mean, you and Russell. Sorry, that’s none of my business.”

Well, she was wrong. Danny just made it weird. His question confused her. She was also amused; was he jealous? Why would he even be jealous? He just spent the whole night making out with someone and really seemed to enjoy it. Marissa held onto her shoes, not sure what to do. She also felt annoyed with Danny, but she couldn’t figure out why.

“No,” she said slowly, inspecting her shoes instead of looking at the awkward mess in front of her, “it’s not. And no, we didn’t. I seem to be the only person at my party who didn’t.”

  • So what's your take on this? - Danny, Sat Apr 8 16:16
    He had only been searching for a short while when Danny’s wandlight illuminated a pair of black and red high-heeled shoes that easily looked as though they could belong to Marissa. They were even the ... more
    • That we're making quite a mess - Marissa, Sun Apr 9 10:02
      • I'll agree with that - Danny, Sun Apr 9 10:36
        He wished he hadn’t said anything. Marissa didn’t seem impressed by his question, and why would she? It really wasn’t his business to ask about her evening’s activities, as she informed him a moment... more
        • Welp, go us. - Marissa, Sun Apr 9 10:59
          She immediately felt bad about her response. She didn’t mean to be rude or whatever. It’s not like her love life had ever been a secret from anyone. Even if she actively tried to keep it a secret, no ... more
          • Glad that's over - Danny, Sun Apr 9 11:39
            Marissa seemed to want to talk at the same time, which was fine, because Danny hadn't been sure he was helping the situation. She was blaming Armaan for making her cranky, which caused him to grin a... more
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