Welp, go us.
Sun Apr 9, 2017 10:59

She immediately felt bad about her response. She didn’t mean to be rude or whatever. It’s not like her love life had ever been a secret from anyone. Even if she actively tried to keep it a secret, no one would respect that rule. She knew what her reputation at Rocky Mountain International was, and while it didn’t bother her, it kind of meant that her love life was always someone’s business. Maybe it was everyone’s.

“No, I’m sorry,” she said immediately after he started speaking. Their speech might have overlapped; she wasn’t entirely paying attention. “It was a really good party but I didn’t like it much. Working with Armaan makes me cranky and weird.”

That much was true. She felt way more on edge working with Armaan, thinking that Rose might be mad at her. This was about way more than Danny. She’d talk to Rose when she got back to Aquila, see how she enjoyed the party, and figure out if she needed to do anything to make Rose seem less mad. Her best friend had never expressed any anger with Marissa, and she seemed to enjoy herself at the party, so that was probably something she could take care of right away. And despite the success of this party, she was not going to throw another one with Armaan again. It made the party planning stressful with Armaan instead of fun, like it was whenever she did it with her friends.

Marissa caught on to the tail end of Danny’s apology, and she laughed. “Oh my god, you’re ridiculous.” She accepted that she was tired, that she was a little tipsy, and that her emotions just refused to stay consistent under these conditions. It was Danny, after all; she couldn’t stay annoyed-confused-whatever for that long. She sighed and looked up at him with a small shrug, giving him a small smile to match. “Seriously, it’s fine. I’m really glad everyone had fun. I’m glad you had fun.”

  • I'll agree with that - Danny, Sun Apr 9 10:36
    He wished he hadn’t said anything. Marissa didn’t seem impressed by his question, and why would she? It really wasn’t his business to ask about her evening’s activities, as she informed him a moment... more
    • Welp, go us. - Marissa, Sun Apr 9 10:59
      • Glad that's over - Danny, Sun Apr 9 11:39
        Marissa seemed to want to talk at the same time, which was fine, because Danny hadn't been sure he was helping the situation. She was blaming Armaan for making her cranky, which caused him to grin a... more
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