Glad that's over
Sun Apr 9, 2017 11:39

Marissa seemed to want to talk at the same time, which was fine, because Danny hadn't been sure he was helping the situation. She was blaming Armaan for making her cranky, which caused him to grin a bit more. Really, he didn't know Armaan at all well, but if there was anyone at RMI who was even lazier than Danny, Armaan would be that person. Marissa should probably have seen that coming.

When she called him ridiculous, he laughed outright. He couldn't disagree. She offered him a small smile that let him know things were back to normal between them. Or close enough, anyway, at least until she figured out that it would bother him if she she kissed anyone else. That was a problem for another day.

“Seriously, it’s fine,” Marissa said. “I’m really glad everyone had fun. I’m glad you had fun.”

“Okay then,” Danny replied, still smirking. “Come on, I think we’re done here.” He gestured around them at the space they had made a reasonable effort to tidy. The house elves would find the rest of it, hopefully before any discerning members of staff. Danny moved to stand next to Marissa and draped his arm over her shoulders. “I did have fun,” he repeated, cheekily, as they wandered towards their respective exits. “I'm very much looking forward to your next party.”

They rounded a corner and Danny withdrew his arm. “This is my stop. Now I want you to go right home, no stopping to talk to strangers.” He grinned, in a ridiculously good mood all of a sudden. “Goodnight, Marissa.” He dropped a quick kiss on her cheek before grinning again then sprinted away down the passageways.

  • Welp, go us. - Marissa, Sun Apr 9 10:59
    She immediately felt bad about her response. She didn’t mean to be rude or whatever. It’s not like her love life had ever been a secret from anyone. Even if she actively tried to keep it a secret, no ... more
    • Glad that's over - Danny, Sun Apr 9 11:39
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