Now there's something I'd like to see
Wed Apr 12, 2017 05:40

Although Emmett began answering her question like a normal person, he - completely out of nowhere - started babbling about how she had kissed him. Rose blinked hazel eyes at the fourth year, a little perplexed. Especially after being with Marissa, she had kind of expected Emmett to be at least marginally less of a dork, at least when it came to being kissed. He had demonstrated his ability to be a dork in pretty much all other ways possible, but Rose had kind of expected Marissa to have broken him of the thought that kisses had to mean something. And what was she supposed to say? The reality seemed - well honestly it seemed a little embarrassing and Rose wasn’t sure if she wanted to admit to it. Almost unconsciously, she reached into her bra to remove her wand. She played with her wand absentmindedly sometimes when she was thinking, and although it wasn’t the best course of action, Rose justified it by pointing out that she didn’t need a wand to wreak havoc if she was so inclined.

Well ‘havoc’ might be a strong word for what she could do intentionally without a wand. The bat-bogey hex, for example, was still out of her reach. Rose examined Emmett as she let the silence sit between them, punctuated by another change in music. This song Rose didn’t recognize as something Marissa had played for her, so she decided that it was probably Armaan’s contribution. Rose looked around the party as though searching for an answer.

She didn’t find anything. Here it went then.

“I may have a crush on you,” Rose said matter-of-factly, tucking her wand back into her bra. “I figured the best way to figure that out was to kiss you.” Although she still didn’t know the answer to her question, to be fair. “Still not sure,” the fifth year added quickly, before Emmett got any ideas or asked any awkward questions. With any luck, the younger boy would just be a little awkward about it instead of being straight-up weird, although Rose wasn’t sure she’d bet on that. She knew that some people had a weird concept of ownership over exes and although Marissa wasn’t one of those people - and in Rose’s opinion, nobody in their right mind would even consider thinking that of her - she wasn’t sure that Emmett knew that. After all, the poor kid had thought that dating Marissa was a sustainable plan.

  • Well, if the mini skirt fits... - Emmett, Fri Apr 7 23:16
    Wh… what? Wait, okay, so rewind. What had even just happened? Emmett and Rose danced, then she kissed him - Rose Farnon kissed him, Emmett Lawrence - and then he stood there like an idiot, as often... more
    • Now there's something I'd like to see - Rose, Wed Apr 12 05:40
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