Marissa Kendrick
Slumber Party in the Passageways! (Years 4-7)
Wed Jul 12, 2017 14:01

Marissa knew that this year’s welcome back bash had to be big. It was her sixth year, and she needed this party to set the tone. This wasn’t going to be anything like fifth year. Well, okay, it’d be like the good parts of her fifth year. She hoped everyone would be a little less punchy this year. She didn’t really believe in Ruben, one of the newer additions to her group, but she thought her faith was well placed in everyone else.

As always, the invitations for the welcome back bash went out a couple of days after the opening feast to all fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh years. She’d considered not inviting fourth years, but she’d invited them last year (because she wasn’t about to leave Emmett out of the party). And she’d momentarily considered not inviting Camilla, but this was a new year. She and Camilla wouldn’t get past last term’s insanity if she was a jerk.

Anyway, the party was scheduled for the first Friday night of the official school year. It was the end of the first week of classes; everyone was going to be ready to have some fun. She knew that this party needed to be chill but with the potential for some delightful nonsense if anyone chose that. The party even had a dress code: pajamas!

With Rose’s help, she’d transformed the Secret Passageways into the ultimate slumber party space. Thanks to Aaron McKindy, who always charmed technology for Marissa without asking questions (probably because he realized it was better to be in the dark), there was a working TV and DVD player, as well as a nice variety of DVDs she snuck over from home. There were also a couple of functional handheld game systems. Marissa adored Aaron. Holland was phenomenal, as always, and donated sample bottles of nail polish from their mom’s beauty line to the cause. They set up a small comfy corner so people could paint their nails, and all around were snacks and non-alcoholic drinks for people to have. Marissa wasn’t against drugs or other fun, mind altering things. As long as people brought their own, it was absolutely allowed to make an appearance at her parties. She just provided the mixers.

There were also different party games, like spin the bottle and board games, that people could play throughout the night. There was a radio set up to play music if anyone fancied dancing. The red-head was most excited about the end of the night. They’d hung little string lights around the room that looked like mini-multi colored solo cups; she thought they were adorable and very, very funny. If anyone wanted to stick around for the whole evening, they just needed to bring their own sleeping bags. Marissa was definitely going to sleep in the passageways that night; she hoped someone would join her.

The first few party-goers arrived about fifteen minutes after curfew. She greeted people when they arrived, but mostly sat back and watched as people went off to do their own thing. It looked like there was something for everyone. She and Rose had really outdone themselves. Marissa poured some cranberry juice and Sprite into her flask, mixing it nicely with the clear liquor already inside.

Marissa leaned against a wall and watched her party unfold. She’d pulled her wild red hair back into a messy ponytail and thrown on a comfy gray t-shirt with an open back. Her pajama shorts were pink and quite short, with a cute little cacti print. Her freckled face was all smiles when she saw a couple people go over to the nail polish station, and another pick up one of the handheld games. She’d tossed her bright sleeping bag in a corner when she got there. This was going to be a fantastic night; she could feel it.

OOC: Please respect the tag! This is for 4-7 years only. Don’t worry, Marissa has something fun planned for all years later on in the term. Feel free to post your character at any point in the evening. You can write them at the beginning of the party, have them dive into an already happening game, or even post them at the end, setting up their sleeping bag. We wanted to leave it open with plenty of options. Have fun!

    • The following morning - Marissa and Danny, Tue Aug 22 16:00
      OOC: Follow the link to read the post, co-written and posted on ORMI.
    • Later in the evening [Emmett] - Holland Keene, Tue Jul 25 17:11
      The party was starting to wind down, and Holland’s nails (silver with black designs patterned onto them) were dry. They’d had some snacks, practicing wandless magic by levitating the chips into their ... more
      • Not late enough. - Emmett Lawrence, Sat Jul 29 11:31
        For the most part, the evening hadn’t been too terrible. Besides the lingering feeling that Holland was going to be annoyed with him, things were generally going okay. Snacks were a pleasant... more
        • Really? I thought this was overdue - Holland, Sun Jul 30 15:05
          To his credit, Emmett didn’t make it worse. Knowing him, Holland had expected Emmett to get defensive about it. An actual apology was nice. And it ticked two of the three boxes of a good apology: I’m ... more
    • Perfect time for a manicure - Holland Keene, Wed Jul 12 23:36
      Holland’s contribution to the party was the manicure station, which was a good job to volunteer for because they didn’t have to show up too early. The corner had large pillows for sitting and... more
      • Perfect time for a chat, too! - Ruben Lundqvist, Thu Jul 13 01:39
        Arguably one of the largest benefits of being an Aquila was that there was an entrance to the Secret Passages literally right inside of their common-room. This definitely set some expectations for... more
        • And what do we have to chat about? - Holland, Fri Jul 14 16:16
          Holland wouldn’t have used the word “kidnapping” to describe their shirt, and the word caught them off-guard enough to make them laugh. “Of course,” Holland said, gesturing for Ruben to grab his own... more
          • Ruben had gone through many a falling-out. Admittedly, these were usually based on something a little more abrupt than a simple argument… but then again, the last proper conversations he’d had with... more
            • But there is no we - Holland, Sat Jul 22 23:32
              “Smart aliens strategically abducting people. I like that.” There were certainly a few world leaders whose abductions Holland wouldn’t bat a mascara-ed eyelash at. Aliens with no knowledge of Earth... more
              • I don't want there to be a me, either - Russell Drew, Sun Jul 23 13:51
                Russell’s ability to avoid thinking about how much of a Bad Idea this was lasted for exactly two-and-a-half steps. His left foot actually froze in midair when the sudden wave of oh dear hit him -... more
                • That makes two of us - Ruben, Sun Jul 23 15:02
                  He couldn’t hold back a snort at Holland’s explanation. “Yes, I know that nails are small, do not worry,” he said in a tone meant to be mock-reassuring, nudging hen playfully with his sock-padded... more
                  • Or three - Holland, Sun Jul 23 22:45
                    Ruben said he thought it would be easier to start on the left, like someone who had never tried to paint their nails of their dominant hand while the polish was still drying on the other one. Maybe... more
                    • ...Motion carried - Russell, Mon Jul 24 20:17
                      Russell didn’t think that he’d ever had such a sudden reversal from burning-face-of-awkward-shame to freezing-face-of-awkward-death as when Ruben flipped him the finger. Hot and cold were opposites.... more
                      • This pleases me - Ruben, Mon Jul 24 21:38
                        Still smirking, Ruben made a whining noise in the back of his throat when Holland whapped him. “Really?” His hand dropped soon after this. He didn’t wait to push his luck; in some ways, he was... more
                        • Can’t say I disagree - Holland, Tue Jul 25 16:47
                          Russell had seemed terribly nervous before Ruben told him to get lost, so maybe Holland should have been a little nicer when they talked to the boy. Or maybe not; after all, he’d decided to come... more
    • MISTAKES WERE MADE - Emmett Lawrence, Wed Jul 12 21:06
      Okay so here was the thing. Emmett wasn’t a super pajama-y person. He usually just slept in his boxers. However, since he currently wished to remain alive and didn’t think that would happen if he... more
      • Happens to all of us. Especially me. - Russell Drew, Wed Jul 12 23:15
        Russell had never attended, hosted, or otherwise been involved in a sleepover. The former was because he had never been invited to one - quite understandably, from his perspective; if he wasn’t very... more
        • Are you trying to one-up me?! - Emmett, Fri Jul 14 23:27
          Russell Drew: Cetus, transfer, and plague on Emmett’s existence. Russell had never been anything but nice, albeit quiet and awkward, but Emmett had strong, decisive reasons for not caring for the... more
          • I didn't mean it like that, I swear! - Russell, Sat Jul 15 01:40
            Apparently the attempted joke had also, unintentionally, turned into an insult. Or so it seemed, given Emmett’s obviously negative reaction to him. “Oh, no, it’s not dumb,” Russell protested weakly.... more
            • A likely story! - Emmett, Sat Jul 22 22:13
              ...Okay, so, Emmett had like no idea what Russell was even talking about. Part of that was probably his own fault, because he didn’t listen very carefully since he didn’t care about what Russell had... more
              • ...I'll just go before I make this worse - Russell, Sun Jul 23 13:02
                At Emmett’s insinuation of private clothing-optional sleepovers, Russell could feel his face getting warm again. Oh. Oh . His mouth opened and closed without doing any word things. He didn’t really... more
                • Sliding right in - Rose Farnon, Mon Jul 24 09:52
                  Thus far Rose wasn't a huge fan of the slumber party she and Marissa had put together. She had gotten dressed up for it - soft gray sweatpants and a lacy teal camisole with fluffy black slippers -... more
                  • Slide all you want, friend. - Emmett, Mon Jul 24 18:09
                    Wait, what? Holy crap, Russell was doing it. This was gonna happen. Emmet could hardly believe his eyes as the Cetus less-than-gracefully approached Holland and Ruben. This was it. Oh my God. But... more
                    • Slip-n-Slide! - Rose, Wed Jul 26 05:55
                      Emmett’s startled response made Rose snort in amusement. He was really absorbed in - Rose glanced over at Russell, Holland, and Ruben - whatever that was. It didn’t exactly surprise her. With all the ... more
                      • Emmett snickered at Rose’s sarcastic affirmation of his not-a-lie. “I may have made a suggestion,” he confessed light-heartedly. “I didn’t think he’d actually do it . Can’t say I’m too heartbroken... more
    • Why am I here? - Maverick Buchannan, Wed Jul 12 20:07
      There were a lot of reasons Maverick didn’t want to go to this party. First and foremost, it was a party. Large gatherings of his peers hardly ever ended in his favor. Plus, this was a sleepover... more
      • Why would I know that? - Kaye Packman, Thu Jul 13 11:38
        When the invitation for a slumber party appeared on her bed, Kaye had to fight off the instant panic that someone planning on screwing her over. It was one of those Marissa Kendrick parties.... more
        • It was a rhetorical question - Maverick, Fri Jul 14 22:57
          “You’re standing in front of the pigs in a blanket.” Oh. Maverick shifted awkwardly to offer her access to the… pigs in a blanket. Which were totally weird, by the way. But also so was he,... more
          • It was a rhetorical answer - Kaye, Sat Jul 15 13:48
            Kaye got a sorry out of the transfer. She was pretty sure they didn’t mean it, but it was one of those things. The Aquila didn’t care too much about the apology. The little snacks were somehow still... more
            • Well, now things are just getting redundant - Maverick, Wed Jul 19 17:42
              Kaye, huh? That was cool. He didn’t think he’d met a Kaye before. A dozen Kate’s of varying form - Katie, Katherine, etc. - but never a Kaye. That was good, because it was a name he could remember,... more
              • So the transfer had a name. Maverick was a sixth year in Cetus, and now Kaye knew his pronouns. The mystery, for the most part, was gone. Well, the beginning layer was no longer a mystery. Kaye... more
                • Any suggestions? - Maverick, Sun Jul 23 22:43
                  Oh, so Kaye was a transfer too. Mave wouldn’t have suspected that. So far, she seemed to him to both fit in and stand out in a way that someone only could at a hodgepodge-y school like this one. RMI... more
                  • I have several - Kaye, Thu Jul 27 22:09
                    “Okay, well, we have to go to Pearl Street,” Kaye decided. She loved it there. It probably was Kaye’s favorite part of Rocky Mountain International. There was food and pick pocketing challenges and... more
                    • Choose one and elaborate. - Maverick, Sat Aug 5 19:18
                      “Sure, sounds good,” Mave agreed. He wasn’t particularly opposed to playing hooky even if the professor were more attentive to attendance. After all, what were they going to do about it, kick him out ... more
    • Some corny pun about Dreams - Dardanius Dubois, Wed Jul 12 16:38
      Of course Marissa was throwing a welcome back party. Of course it had a dress code. Of course that dress code had to be pyjamas. Danny sighed in a resigned sort of way. On the one hand, an... more
      • Sweet Dreams are Made of... Cheese? - Marissa, Thu Jul 13 12:34
        And a fantastic night it already was. Marissa noticed little groups forming right away. Emmett and Russell were talking, finally. Maybe the two of them could figure out what Emmett’s problem was, and ... more
        • Mmmmm Cheese - Dardanius, Thu Jul 13 14:23
          Marissa winked at him, and Danny was pleased he had successfully amended his comment about her legs. Flirting with Marissa had always come so naturally, but for the past few months it actually meant... more
          • Can we make cheese puns now? - Marissa, Thu Jul 13 18:04
            Marissa had no idea what a smoking jacket was. It couldn’t be exactly what it was called. Danny didn’t smoke. And his pants matched, so it was a set. A smoking set? Did that make those smoking pants? ... more
            • Who am I to dis-a-Brie? - Danny, Fri Jul 14 06:55
              “I’ve heard of it,” Dardanius said, tilting his head to the side as if a slanted view of Emmett would help him to understand why the fifth year had decided that the Star Wars gorilla-bear outfit was... more
              • As long as neither of us are Bleu - Marissa, Sat Jul 15 23:51
                Marissa tried to think of a time when she’d seen Danny drink something she’d offered him. It occurred to her, briefly, that he might want to follow the rules more than usual. He was a prefect, after... more
                • It's Cheesy but Grate - Danny, Sun Jul 16 14:23
                  He allowed himself to be lead by the hand to where Marissa had set up a television set, and maintained an expression of patronized appeasement as she issued instructions for him to follow. She could... more
                  • We're definitely here to have a Gouda time - Marissa, Sat Jul 22 01:51
                    Marissa expected some of her summer stuff to throw Danny for a loop. She doubted he’d been completely innocent during his summer. The red-head was honest about her adventures with the hopes that he’d ... more
                    • Treading Caerphilly - Danny, Tue Jul 25 09:34
                      As Marissa nestled in closer to him, confirming this was both the best and the worst idea Danny’d had this week, the Lyra twisted his neck to get as good a glimpse as he could of Holland and Ruben... more
                      • Our pun levels are too Edam high! - Marissa, Thu Aug 3 15:08
                        It was possible that Danny didn’t want to talk about the summer. If he didn’t say anything, then it meant that he really frolicked at those pureblood parties. She knew that it shouldn’t bother her,... more
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