Russell Drew
Happens to all of us. Especially me.
Wed Jul 12, 2017 23:15

Russell had never attended, hosted, or otherwise been involved in a sleepover. The former was because he had never been invited to one - quite understandably, from his perspective; if he wasn’t very much fun to hang out with in the daytime, what would make his casual acquaintances think that he would be fun to hang out with overnight? The latter was because he had never considered holding such an event. This was in turn partially because he didn’t know anyone well enough to want to have a sleepover with them anyways and mostly because the only place he’d be able to host a sleepover at home would be, well, his home, which had a lot of complications in and of itself.

The Drews had a house too large for only three people. As the only one of them disabled enough to actively despise anything above ground level, nearly the entire basement had been redeveloped into Russell’s domain several years ago. The result was perfect for him: solid black walls, no pictures or other decor, stippled dark-coffee-grey carpeting, and low electrical sockets interspersed with just enough frosted night-lights that his eyes could see clearly, both without sunglasses and without much strain. While he really appreciated this, he was also very aware that this kind of setup wasn’t what most teenagers had in their rooms… or entire basements. Inviting someone else into this area that was so catered to his needs felt like a violation, somehow.

Tonight was, therefore, the fifteen-year-old’s first-ever sleepover. According to Marissa when he hesitantly took his invitation to her and stated his confusion (admittedly more at having been invited than the party itself, but she had explained both), the sleeping part wasn’t a requirement. PJs and relevant bedtime themes, yeah, but not sleeping. But Russell had figured, why not? The Passageways would be more comfortable, light-wise, than his dorm in Cetus. He didn’t even own a sleeping bag let alone have one at RMI, but his dorm finally proved useful. And so the bedsheets and two pillows made their way into his arms as Russell wandered down the hallway towards one of the Passage entrances.

Another thing that Russell didn’t own let alone have at RMI were proper pyjamas. He normally slept wearing - well, not much of anything - but obviously that was a very bad idea for a school party, especially considering how the last time he willingly met up with the other older students, the conversation had turned into doing inappropriate things with professors. (He still cringed at the memory.) So he’d dug out a darkish tee with a splotchy pattern vaguely resembling stars and the only pair of sweatpants he owned, which his grandma had bought him for Christmas one year. They were a little short on the teenager, showing off bony ankles and long bare feet, but he rolled the hems into a cuff to pretend that it was On Purpose, and then it was fine. He also had, of course, both his sunglasses for walking in the halls and an eye-mask in case Marissa kept some lights on in the Passages. And Jaws, too, like always.

When he entered the party area, the first thing he saw was someone in a furry costume. It took him a moment to recognize their face. “Emmett?” he ventured aloud, struck by sudden curiosity - was that what normal teenagers wore for sleepclothes? Russell hadn’t expected Emmett to actually react to him, since normally he was busy with his friends, but instead found himself face-to-face with the other fifth-year. Huh. Maybe this was an opportunity to make amends for… whatever he’d done to annoy Emmett. The Californian could never be sure of what, but he knew they weren’t friends in a way that was different from his usual non-friends, and it was presumably his own fault. “So, erm, instead of… bringing a teddy, to sleep with, I mean, you… dress up as one?” The attempted joke turned into a question. Oh, well.

  • MISTAKES WERE MADE - Emmett Lawrence, Wed Jul 12 21:06
    Okay so here was the thing. Emmett wasn’t a super pajama-y person. He usually just slept in his boxers. However, since he currently wished to remain alive and didn’t think that would happen if he... more
    • Happens to all of us. Especially me. - Russell Drew, Wed Jul 12 23:15
      • Are you trying to one-up me?! - Emmett, Fri Jul 14 23:27
        Russell Drew: Cetus, transfer, and plague on Emmett’s existence. Russell had never been anything but nice, albeit quiet and awkward, but Emmett had strong, decisive reasons for not caring for the... more
        • I didn't mean it like that, I swear! - Russell, Sat Jul 15 01:40
          Apparently the attempted joke had also, unintentionally, turned into an insult. Or so it seemed, given Emmett’s obviously negative reaction to him. “Oh, no, it’s not dumb,” Russell protested weakly.... more
          • A likely story! - Emmett, Sat Jul 22 22:13
            ...Okay, so, Emmett had like no idea what Russell was even talking about. Part of that was probably his own fault, because he didn’t listen very carefully since he didn’t care about what Russell had... more
            • ...I'll just go before I make this worse - Russell, Sun Jul 23 13:02
              At Emmett’s insinuation of private clothing-optional sleepovers, Russell could feel his face getting warm again. Oh. Oh . His mouth opened and closed without doing any word things. He didn’t really... more
              • Sliding right in - Rose Farnon, Mon Jul 24 09:52
                Thus far Rose wasn't a huge fan of the slumber party she and Marissa had put together. She had gotten dressed up for it - soft gray sweatpants and a lacy teal camisole with fluffy black slippers -... more
                • Slide all you want, friend. - Emmett, Mon Jul 24 18:09
                  Wait, what? Holy crap, Russell was doing it. This was gonna happen. Emmet could hardly believe his eyes as the Cetus less-than-gracefully approached Holland and Ruben. This was it. Oh my God. But... more
                  • Slip-n-Slide! - Rose, Wed Jul 26 05:55
                    Emmett’s startled response made Rose snort in amusement. He was really absorbed in - Rose glanced over at Russell, Holland, and Ruben - whatever that was. It didn’t exactly surprise her. With all the ... more
                    • Emmett snickered at Rose’s sarcastic affirmation of his not-a-lie. “I may have made a suggestion,” he confessed light-heartedly. “I didn’t think he’d actually do it . Can’t say I’m too heartbroken... more
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