Sweet Dreams are Made of... Cheese?
Thu Jul 13, 2017 12:34

And a fantastic night it already was.

Marissa noticed little groups forming right away. Emmett and Russell were talking, finally. Maybe the two of them could figure out what Emmett’s problem was, and then Emmett would realize that Russell was awesome, and they’d be friends. She definitely wanted to catch up with the Cetus later and see if he learned any new dance stuff he could show her during the summer break. As for Emmett, well, Marissa swore to Holland she’d bring up her and Danny’s confusing thing to the Lyra at some point, if he didn’t already know. Emmett was her ex or something, and they’d finally gotten back to normal, so she didn’t want to keep secrets from him. Not like her and Danny were a secret. Secrets involved knowing things, and she knew very little about what was actually going on between her and Danny.

She glanced at the nail polish station and noticed that Ruben had joined Holland. Marissa mentally noted to keep an eye on that. She didn’t expect anything to get out of hand, but if Holland needed someone to step in to save them from the potential awkwardness that might happen, the red-head could do that.

Kaye had shown up at the party, too. Holland had told Marissa that Emmett had asked Holland to ask Marissa to personally invite Kaye to the party. Apparently, Emmett hadn’t wanted to ask Kaye (or ask Marissa to ask Kaye) himself, because he didn’t want anyone to think he had a crush on Kaye. And he had emphasized that he, in fact, did not have a crush on the Aquila to Holland. This, naturally, had the opposite effect; it was another thing the red-head was definitely going to bring up the next time she talked to Emmett.

That thought would have to wait, though, because she was suddenly very distracted.

Danny was suddenly by her side. She smiled when she saw him, and then held back laughter when she saw what he was wearing. She’d said this was supposed to be a pajama party, not a costume party! Whatever, she couldn’t stop smiling. Even dressed like he was about to go to a hunting lodge for rich weirdos, he was still Danny, and he was still very, very cute. They hadn’t done much talking since they’d hung out after the opening feast; she was really excited to have some time now.

“Thanks,” Marissa grinned. She had a feeling that he wanted to say something else, so she winked. “Nice, um…” her green eyes trailed down to the opening in his over-the-top robes that made it clear he wasn’t wearing a shirt. She twisted one of her loose curls around her finger and smiled back up at Danny. “I’m sorry; I don’t know what to call this. Robe? Whatever it is, the color’s neat.”

It took a bit of self-control not to suggest taking their conversation somewhere else, but that didn’t stop her from wondering if her sleeping back was large enough for two people. There were probably charms for that. “There’s no way you actually sleep in that,” she grinned, feeling a little mischievous, “But it’s a good look.”

  • Some corny pun about Dreams - Dardanius Dubois, Wed Jul 12 16:38
    Of course Marissa was throwing a welcome back party. Of course it had a dress code. Of course that dress code had to be pyjamas. Danny sighed in a resigned sort of way. On the one hand, an... more
    • Sweet Dreams are Made of... Cheese? - Marissa, Thu Jul 13 12:34
      • Mmmmm Cheese - Dardanius, Thu Jul 13 14:23
        Marissa winked at him, and Danny was pleased he had successfully amended his comment about her legs. Flirting with Marissa had always come so naturally, but for the past few months it actually meant... more
        • Can we make cheese puns now? - Marissa, Thu Jul 13 18:04
          Marissa had no idea what a smoking jacket was. It couldn’t be exactly what it was called. Danny didn’t smoke. And his pants matched, so it was a set. A smoking set? Did that make those smoking pants? ... more
          • Who am I to dis-a-Brie? - Danny, Fri Jul 14 06:55
            “I’ve heard of it,” Dardanius said, tilting his head to the side as if a slanted view of Emmett would help him to understand why the fifth year had decided that the Star Wars gorilla-bear outfit was... more
            • As long as neither of us are Bleu - Marissa, Sat Jul 15 23:51
              Marissa tried to think of a time when she’d seen Danny drink something she’d offered him. It occurred to her, briefly, that he might want to follow the rules more than usual. He was a prefect, after... more
              • It's Cheesy but Grate - Danny, Sun Jul 16 14:23
                He allowed himself to be lead by the hand to where Marissa had set up a television set, and maintained an expression of patronized appeasement as she issued instructions for him to follow. She could... more
                • We're definitely here to have a Gouda time - Marissa, Sat Jul 22 01:51
                  Marissa expected some of her summer stuff to throw Danny for a loop. She doubted he’d been completely innocent during his summer. The red-head was honest about her adventures with the hopes that he’d ... more
                  • Treading Caerphilly - Danny, Tue Jul 25 09:34
                    As Marissa nestled in closer to him, confirming this was both the best and the worst idea Danny’d had this week, the Lyra twisted his neck to get as good a glimpse as he could of Holland and Ruben... more
                    • Our pun levels are too Edam high! - Marissa, Thu Aug 3 15:08
                      It was possible that Danny didn’t want to talk about the summer. If he didn’t say anything, then it meant that he really frolicked at those pureblood parties. She knew that it shouldn’t bother her,... more
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