Can we make cheese puns now?
Thu Jul 13, 2017 18:04

Marissa had no idea what a smoking jacket was. It couldn’t be exactly what it was called. Danny didn’t smoke. And his pants matched, so it was a set. A smoking set? Did that make those smoking pants? Her train of thought about what a smoking outfit was, as well as what the point of it could possibly be, derailed when Danny clearly modeled for her. There was a time when Danny hadn’t been this distracting. It was only fair; she knew she was just as distracting for him.

And it was clear that he wasn’t wearing anything under his ~smoking jacket~. She hoped her legs were just as much of a distraction. Wow, what was her brain doing? Focus, Marissa!

Maybe her drink was getting to her a little too fast; she had spent some time in Aquila pre-gaming with Rose. It was so easy to do, since there was an entrance to the passageways right there. It was as if whoever built the school wanted to make it easy for Aquila to bend the rules. Marissa noted that and decided to ask Holland’s opinion later; she was sure her friend had some kind of theory about the structure of the underground school. If they didn’t, then they would once Marissa brought it up. Just what had the passageways initially been for, anyway?

Put a pin in that. Danny’s talking about sleeping shirtless.

Marissa took a swig from her flask of her dangerous drink; it was sweet enough to chug if she really wanted. She didn’t drink the whole thing, and she made sure not to get stuck imagining a shirtless Danny in any bed, because they were in a public place, and there were a lot of complicated feelings swirling around her brain right now. There were also plenty of run on sentences in those thoughts, so she didn’t say any of them out loud. She just raised an eyebrow at him with an interested smile.

It seemed like both of them needed a distraction. Danny pointed out something Emmett was wearing. It didn’t take Marissa long to notice, recognize, and laugh. “Oh my god, he’s… oh, Chewbacca! From Star Wars, a big Muggle movie,” Marissa added, “That’s so funny.” She suddenly realized that Holland probably didn’t help either of the boys dress for this party. It was too funny for words.

Her eyes wandered and landed back on Ruben, actually taking in his look for the party. She got the feeling that if he thought he could get away with it – and he probably could – he would’ve shown up wearing less. Well, damn. Okay, Holland, Rose, I get it.

“Everyone definitely has their own…style going on tonight,” she turned back to Danny and grinned. “I doubt anyone’s wearing what they actually sleep in, though. I know I’m not. That’d be pretty inappropriate.” Marissa sipped from her flask again and moved closer. “Do you want to try this? It’s really good.”

  • Mmmmm Cheese - Dardanius, Thu Jul 13 14:23
    Marissa winked at him, and Danny was pleased he had successfully amended his comment about her legs. Flirting with Marissa had always come so naturally, but for the past few months it actually meant... more
    • Can we make cheese puns now? - Marissa, Thu Jul 13 18:04
      • Who am I to dis-a-Brie? - Danny, Fri Jul 14 06:55
        “I’ve heard of it,” Dardanius said, tilting his head to the side as if a slanted view of Emmett would help him to understand why the fifth year had decided that the Star Wars gorilla-bear outfit was... more
        • As long as neither of us are Bleu - Marissa, Sat Jul 15 23:51
          Marissa tried to think of a time when she’d seen Danny drink something she’d offered him. It occurred to her, briefly, that he might want to follow the rules more than usual. He was a prefect, after... more
          • It's Cheesy but Grate - Danny, Sun Jul 16 14:23
            He allowed himself to be lead by the hand to where Marissa had set up a television set, and maintained an expression of patronized appeasement as she issued instructions for him to follow. She could... more
            • We're definitely here to have a Gouda time - Marissa, Sat Jul 22 01:51
              Marissa expected some of her summer stuff to throw Danny for a loop. She doubted he’d been completely innocent during his summer. The red-head was honest about her adventures with the hopes that he’d ... more
              • Treading Caerphilly - Danny, Tue Jul 25 09:34
                As Marissa nestled in closer to him, confirming this was both the best and the worst idea Danny’d had this week, the Lyra twisted his neck to get as good a glimpse as he could of Holland and Ruben... more
                • Our pun levels are too Edam high! - Marissa, Thu Aug 3 15:08
                  It was possible that Danny didn’t want to talk about the summer. If he didn’t say anything, then it meant that he really frolicked at those pureblood parties. She knew that it shouldn’t bother her,... more
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