Who am I to dis-a-Brie?
Fri Jul 14, 2017 06:55

“I’ve heard of it,” Dardanius said, tilting his head to the side as if a slanted view of Emmett would help him to understand why the fifth year had decided that the Star Wars gorilla-bear outfit was the right choice to wear to a slumber party. Or why he even owned it in the first place. Emmett wasn’t the quirkiest clown in the circus but he came close.

Just past Emmett and Russell, Danny saw that Ruben had joined Holland at the nail painting station, and frowned just a little. It didn’t strike him as likely that Ruben would want his nails painted (Okay, maybe black; that sounded feasible), so he was obviously there for Holland. Danny was mostly okay with Ruben - the Aquila was rather too keen to throw a punch, in the Lyra’s opinion - but if he was going to make any trouble for Holland then they were going to have an issue.

He was saved the displeasure of lingering on that thought, as Marissa was talking and smiling at him again. Danny promised himself he’d do his very best to keep half an eye on Holland, at least every now and again, but Marissa was talking about inappropriate sleepwear. How was he supposed to focus on anything else with that going on? Danny’s mouth went a little dry. He was certain that Marissa wanted him to ask about it, but equally certain that no good could come of him asking that question. There was a small, easily ignored part of his brain that often liked to ask him what in Merlin’s name he was doing whenever he was around Marissa, and, predictably, it was chirping that tune as he watched her take a swig from her flask.

When offered the drink, Danny did hesitate, even with his recent and ongoing experience of dry mouth, because he would bet his broomstick that it contained alcohol. He was already planning to be out of the commons after curfew, and he was supposed to be setting a good example, as a prefect (although, he noted with some amusement, there was no shortage of prefects present), and a sixth year, and probably alcohol consumption on school premises wasn’t something in which he ought to engage. “Sure,” he said, accepting the flask. ‘What are you doing?

He took a swig and immediately passed the vessel back to Marissa - was she closer now? “Well that’s sweet, fizzy and alcoholic,” he objectively summarized. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t that good, either. “You can keep the rest,” he offered chivalrously, and then realized she was probably going to take that to mean he wanted her tipsy. Not actually the case - tipsy Marissa was, admittedly, funny and extremely friendly, but Danny was truthfully quite enamored of sober Marissa. Regardless, he suspected a subject change was required.

“So what shall we do first?” he asked, looking back into the party space. “Want to grab some snacks and play a board game?” Actually he didn’t really like board games, but they were preferable over the Muggle electronic games that he had no idea how to play and didn’t feel inclined to start learning right in the present moment. “Or watch a movie?” He sounded more enthusiastic about this second idea; it would give them time to talk, Danny considered. “You could tell me all about your summer.” And there would probably be an opportunity to cuddle up, too. And maybe engage in some more intimate activities. Yes, a movie sounded like an excellent idea. Unless, of course, Marissa wanted to dispense with all the party activities altogether and just find a quiet, dark corner for them both. What are you doing?

(OOC: Thanks to Sophia for the title of this post.)

  • Can we make cheese puns now? - Marissa, Thu Jul 13 18:04
    Marissa had no idea what a smoking jacket was. It couldn’t be exactly what it was called. Danny didn’t smoke. And his pants matched, so it was a set. A smoking set? Did that make those smoking pants? ... more
    • Who am I to dis-a-Brie? - Danny, Fri Jul 14 06:55
      • As long as neither of us are Bleu - Marissa, Sat Jul 15 23:51
        Marissa tried to think of a time when she’d seen Danny drink something she’d offered him. It occurred to her, briefly, that he might want to follow the rules more than usual. He was a prefect, after... more
        • It's Cheesy but Grate - Danny, Sun Jul 16 14:23
          He allowed himself to be lead by the hand to where Marissa had set up a television set, and maintained an expression of patronized appeasement as she issued instructions for him to follow. She could... more
          • We're definitely here to have a Gouda time - Marissa, Sat Jul 22 01:51
            Marissa expected some of her summer stuff to throw Danny for a loop. She doubted he’d been completely innocent during his summer. The red-head was honest about her adventures with the hopes that he’d ... more
            • Treading Caerphilly - Danny, Tue Jul 25 09:34
              As Marissa nestled in closer to him, confirming this was both the best and the worst idea Danny’d had this week, the Lyra twisted his neck to get as good a glimpse as he could of Holland and Ruben... more
              • Our pun levels are too Edam high! - Marissa, Thu Aug 3 15:08
                It was possible that Danny didn’t want to talk about the summer. If he didn’t say anything, then it meant that he really frolicked at those pureblood parties. She knew that it shouldn’t bother her,... more
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