And what do we have to chat about?
Fri Jul 14, 2017 16:16

Holland wouldn’t have used the word “kidnapping” to describe their shirt, and the word caught them off-guard enough to make them laugh. “Of course,” Holland said, gesturing for Ruben to grab his own pillow to sit on. Holland wasn’t sure whether Marissa had conjured the furniture or stolen it from the Aquila Common Room—the pillows were definitely not native to the passageways—but they were very comfortable.

Since their breakup at the end of last term, Holland had barely spent any time with Ruben. At first they’d been annoyed with him, but that hadn’t taken very long to get over. Then summer had happened; Holland wasn’t great at keeping in touch via letter and Ruben hadn’t sent anything, so there hadn’t been much in the way of communication. Except for Marissa and Emmett, Holland didn’t talk to many RMI people over the summer. Rose lived in England so there wasn’t much visiting potential, and Holland got the impression that Danny’s family was not entirely aware of his friends besides Rose. Claudia was an absolute dear, but Holland’s impression of the Duboises was that they were socially conservative purebloods, and would probably be even more awkward for Holland to interact with than Emmett’s dad. They had owled Kaye a few times, but that was all of the corresponding Holland had done this year.

When Ruben sat down, Holland got a good enough look to realize he was not wearing pants. He wasn’t the only half-clothed person here—Danny was not wearing a shirt under his smoking jacket and Marissa’s shorts were barely long enough to qualify as shorts—but Ruben was in better shape and sitting there in his underwear and um, wow.

Holland redirected their attention to their hands, where they started painting the nails of their dominant right hand silver. “I’d definitely rather have stars than jail cells,” they said. “But I like to hope a civilization capable of spaceflight wouldn’t include kidnapping and imprisonment as part of their First Contact protocol.” Although it really depended on what aliens wanted to accomplish. Gaining information? Enslaving humanity? Occupying Earth? “If I had hostile intentions toward a planet I was visiting for the first time, I would try to infiltrate first without drawing attention, learn as much as I could, and then engineer a governmental takeover. It takes longer but it’s neater than randomly abducting people.” That would explain some of the major players in America’s current political upper echelon. Holland and some of their favorite authors had a lot of opinions about what was going on there. Interestingly, a lot of people agreed this time.

With quick practiced motions, Holland finished the nails on one side and drew their wand to cast a charm that would quickly dry the polish. Their nonverbal magic was coming along, and the spell worked. “Are you gonna paint your nails too? That one,” Holland indicated a bottle of neon green polish, “glows in the dark. It’ll match your shirt,” which had the slightly 3D look of fabric with applied fluorescence.

  • Perfect time for a chat, too! - Ruben Lundqvist, Thu Jul 13 01:39
    Arguably one of the largest benefits of being an Aquila was that there was an entrance to the Secret Passages literally right inside of their common-room. This definitely set some expectations for... more
    • And what do we have to chat about? - Holland, Fri Jul 14 16:16
      • Ruben had gone through many a falling-out. Admittedly, these were usually based on something a little more abrupt than a simple argument… but then again, the last proper conversations he’d had with... more
        • But there is no we - Holland, Sat Jul 22 23:32
          “Smart aliens strategically abducting people. I like that.” There were certainly a few world leaders whose abductions Holland wouldn’t bat a mascara-ed eyelash at. Aliens with no knowledge of Earth... more
          • I don't want there to be a me, either - Russell Drew, Sun Jul 23 13:51
            Russell’s ability to avoid thinking about how much of a Bad Idea this was lasted for exactly two-and-a-half steps. His left foot actually froze in midair when the sudden wave of oh dear hit him -... more
            • That makes two of us - Ruben, Sun Jul 23 15:02
              He couldn’t hold back a snort at Holland’s explanation. “Yes, I know that nails are small, do not worry,” he said in a tone meant to be mock-reassuring, nudging hen playfully with his sock-padded... more
              • Or three - Holland, Sun Jul 23 22:45
                Ruben said he thought it would be easier to start on the left, like someone who had never tried to paint their nails of their dominant hand while the polish was still drying on the other one. Maybe... more
                • ...Motion carried - Russell, Mon Jul 24 20:17
                  Russell didn’t think that he’d ever had such a sudden reversal from burning-face-of-awkward-shame to freezing-face-of-awkward-death as when Ruben flipped him the finger. Hot and cold were opposites.... more
                  • This pleases me - Ruben, Mon Jul 24 21:38
                    Still smirking, Ruben made a whining noise in the back of his throat when Holland whapped him. “Really?” His hand dropped soon after this. He didn’t wait to push his luck; in some ways, he was... more
                    • Can’t say I disagree - Holland, Tue Jul 25 16:47
                      Russell had seemed terribly nervous before Ruben told him to get lost, so maybe Holland should have been a little nicer when they talked to the boy. Or maybe not; after all, he’d decided to come... more
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