It was a rhetorical question
Fri Jul 14, 2017 22:57

“You’re standing in front of the pigs in a blanket.”

Maverick shifted awkwardly to offer her access to the… pigs in a blanket. Which were totally weird, by the way. But also so was he, apparently, as he snapped at her for literally no reason. “Sorry,” he mumbled without much evidence he meant it.

He could tell the girl - whose name he definitely didn’t know yet - was joking, but he had to admit, it was odd that they had identical schedules. “You found me out,” he replied, his tone devoid of all hints of humor, but he did offer something that resembled a smile. That, for him, was joking. Maverick didn’t like people in general, so he wouldn’t say he necessarily liked this girl, but he did like her style. Even in pajamas, she looked cute as hell, so as far as talking to people went, if he had to do it, she was a pretty solid choice.

“Class is pretty boring,” he commented idly, suddenly and acutely aware that he had no idea how to talk to girls at parties. Or how to talk to anyone at parties. Or how to talk. Or how to parties. Meh. Mave returned his gaze to the snack table, but nothing really grabbed his attention. Double meh.

“But I’m not a very good stalker, I guess,” he added, at risk of letting the joke run too long. “I haven’t even worked out your name yet.” He didn’t super care what her name was, but he figured it was decent of him to at least act like he might be interested in her existence. Other than visually, he really wasn’t at the moment.

  • Why would I know that? - Kaye Packman, Thu Jul 13 11:38
    When the invitation for a slumber party appeared on her bed, Kaye had to fight off the instant panic that someone planning on screwing her over. It was one of those Marissa Kendrick parties.... more
    • It was a rhetorical question - Maverick, Fri Jul 14 22:57
      • It was a rhetorical answer - Kaye, Sat Jul 15 13:48
        Kaye got a sorry out of the transfer. She was pretty sure they didn’t mean it, but it was one of those things. The Aquila didn’t care too much about the apology. The little snacks were somehow still... more
        • Well, now things are just getting redundant - Maverick, Wed Jul 19 17:42
          Kaye, huh? That was cool. He didn’t think he’d met a Kaye before. A dozen Kate’s of varying form - Katie, Katherine, etc. - but never a Kaye. That was good, because it was a name he could remember,... more
          • So the transfer had a name. Maverick was a sixth year in Cetus, and now Kaye knew his pronouns. The mystery, for the most part, was gone. Well, the beginning layer was no longer a mystery. Kaye... more
            • Any suggestions? - Maverick, Sun Jul 23 22:43
              Oh, so Kaye was a transfer too. Mave wouldn’t have suspected that. So far, she seemed to him to both fit in and stand out in a way that someone only could at a hodgepodge-y school like this one. RMI... more
              • I have several - Kaye, Thu Jul 27 22:09
                “Okay, well, we have to go to Pearl Street,” Kaye decided. She loved it there. It probably was Kaye’s favorite part of Rocky Mountain International. There was food and pick pocketing challenges and... more
                • Choose one and elaborate. - Maverick, Sat Aug 5 19:18
                  “Sure, sounds good,” Mave agreed. He wasn’t particularly opposed to playing hooky even if the professor were more attentive to attendance. After all, what were they going to do about it, kick him out ... more
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