As long as neither of us are Bleu
Sat Jul 15, 2017 23:51

Marissa tried to think of a time when she’d seen Danny drink something she’d offered him. It occurred to her, briefly, that he might want to follow the rules more than usual. He was a prefect, after all. And so were Emmett and Russell. They had nothing to worry about. Unless another, actual rule-abiding prefect showed up, or Shifty suddenly changed alliances and went around waking all the staff, there was no way this party was getting busted. That meant there was no harm in trying something – or a few things – that might be questionable.

She didn’t have to say any of this out loud. Danny took her drink, he actually tried it, and it made her smile. “Well that’s sweet, fizzy and alcoholic. You can keep the rest.”

“Okay,” Marissa took the flask in hand and took another drink before closing it. She didn’t feel that much like getting past a normal buzzing point at this party. Sure, at the beginning, she would’ve wanted that. But there was a different kind of energy between her and Danny tonight. It was made of that familiar, dangerous, flirty energy, but something seemed more tangible. She didn’t want to ruin that by being too out of it. She’d already made flirting eyes at Ruben. He’d noticed her checking him out, and when he did, she’d raised her eyebrows and nearly winked. She stopped herself from being too ridiculous, because she was here, and Danny was there, and while she didn’t know what they were, she was hoping to find out. She needed to be in a somewhat normal state of mind for that, even though she found it really, really fun to drink at parties.

She shook her head when he suggested a board game. Of all the ways they could spend their time, that had the potential to be the least interesting. A movie, however… her face brightened. “Um, yes!” Marissa nodded. “Yeah, I brought tons of movies.” Marissa took his hand in hers and led him over to the stack of DVDs. “You pick, then put it in there and bring me this.” She showed him how to load the DVD player quickly and handed him the remote.

While he sorted through the stack, Marissa found her sleeping bag and brought it over to the television. She unzipped it so it opened up like a blanket, and she pulled it over herself as she settled on a hill of pillows. As if anticipating some kind of question, Marissa raised an eyebrow and held up the sleeping-bag-turned-blanket so he could join if he wanted. “What? It gets chilly in the passageways.”

She went to press play, and then remembered he asked about the summer. That’s right; they hadn’t gotten that far when they reunited after the feast. “My summer was good. I went skinny dipping. Did stuff with one of the girls at my dance camp.” She shrugged. “Babysat and hung out with Holland a little bit. Helped Rose brainstorm nicknames for you.” She lifted the remote and turned on the TV. She pressed play, having no idea what Danny picked out and not caring. Movies at parties were just background noise, anyway. “What about you?”

  • Who am I to dis-a-Brie? - Danny, Fri Jul 14 06:55
    “I’ve heard of it,” Dardanius said, tilting his head to the side as if a slanted view of Emmett would help him to understand why the fifth year had decided that the Star Wars gorilla-bear outfit was... more
    • As long as neither of us are Bleu - Marissa, Sat Jul 15 23:51
      • It's Cheesy but Grate - Danny, Sun Jul 16 14:23
        He allowed himself to be lead by the hand to where Marissa had set up a television set, and maintained an expression of patronized appeasement as she issued instructions for him to follow. She could... more
        • We're definitely here to have a Gouda time - Marissa, Sat Jul 22 01:51
          Marissa expected some of her summer stuff to throw Danny for a loop. She doubted he’d been completely innocent during his summer. The red-head was honest about her adventures with the hopes that he’d ... more
          • Treading Caerphilly - Danny, Tue Jul 25 09:34
            As Marissa nestled in closer to him, confirming this was both the best and the worst idea Danny’d had this week, the Lyra twisted his neck to get as good a glimpse as he could of Holland and Ruben... more
            • Our pun levels are too Edam high! - Marissa, Thu Aug 3 15:08
              It was possible that Danny didn’t want to talk about the summer. If he didn’t say anything, then it meant that he really frolicked at those pureblood parties. She knew that it shouldn’t bother her,... more
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