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Sat Jul 22, 2017 00:54

So the transfer had a name. Maverick was a sixth year in Cetus, and now Kaye knew his pronouns. The mystery, for the most part, was gone. Well, the beginning layer was no longer a mystery. Kaye figured there were worse people to end up with at the party. She wasn’t sure she’d call this a party. The students at Rocky Mountain International seemed to think so, but it was way calmer and cutesy than the word party insinuated. She could think of several ways to make this thing way more interesting. She had a feeling most of her ideas would be too much for Marissa Kendrick’s sensibilities.

Kaye had a special ability to make things seem less boring. It’s how she ended up with Emmett’s wallet after their Pearl Street visit at the end of the previous school year. Or why she enjoyed leaving her homework until the very last minute. It made turning the homework in and still getting excellent grades even more satisfying.

She’d recently started playing a new game with Ruben, and it definitely kept the first week of school interesting. The Aquila wasn’t sure when, or why, right before classes started, she’d ended up pocketing one of Ruben’s lighters. It was a really nice looking silver zippo. The top said to “fear the reaper” and had an engraved grim reaper on one of the sides. It was so clearly a Ruben thing. She expected he might be mad that she took it, but instead, he’d stolen it back once he realized. So, naturally, Kaye stole it again. They’d been playing a game of back and forth pick pocket all week. Currently, Kaye was winning. The zippo was stored safely in her bra, so there’d be no way Ruben was getting to it that night without Kaye’s knowledge.

“So, how do you like things around here?”

Kaye shrugged. “Things are good. I transferred here last semester, actually, so I’m either the best person to ask for an opinion or the worst.” Either she had exactly the point of view Maverick would be looking for, or he wanted the opinion of someone who’d been there forever. “What I’ve gathered so far is your year group runs everything around here so congratulations, people care about each other and their feelings, the fun is definitely outside of class, and Pearl Street Mall has some amazing ice cream.”

  • Well, now things are just getting redundant - Maverick, Wed Jul 19 17:42
    Kaye, huh? That was cool. He didn’t think he’d met a Kaye before. A dozen Kate’s of varying form - Katie, Katherine, etc. - but never a Kaye. That was good, because it was a name he could remember,... more
    • We can find something else to talk about - Kaye, Sat Jul 22 00:54
      • Any suggestions? - Maverick, Sun Jul 23 22:43
        Oh, so Kaye was a transfer too. Mave wouldn’t have suspected that. So far, she seemed to him to both fit in and stand out in a way that someone only could at a hodgepodge-y school like this one. RMI... more
        • I have several - Kaye, Thu Jul 27 22:09
          “Okay, well, we have to go to Pearl Street,” Kaye decided. She loved it there. It probably was Kaye’s favorite part of Rocky Mountain International. There was food and pick pocketing challenges and... more
          • Choose one and elaborate. - Maverick, Sat Aug 5 19:18
            “Sure, sounds good,” Mave agreed. He wasn’t particularly opposed to playing hooky even if the professor were more attentive to attendance. After all, what were they going to do about it, kick him out ... more
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