A likely story!
Sat Jul 22, 2017 22:13

...Okay, so, Emmett had like no idea what Russell was even talking about. Part of that was probably his own fault, because he didn’t listen very carefully since he didn’t care about what Russell had to say. But a solid fifty percent minimum was that Russell made no goddamn sense. He kinda sounded like he was learning a new language and hadn’t figured out how to work inflections yet. What a doofus.

Anyway, who cared. Emmett’s focus returned to the more important matter at hand, which Russell did manage to confirm in something resembling English. “Not for public ones, anyway,” he answered the other boy’s question (ignoring his sad little trail-off about never going to a sleepover before).”And not ones where your ex is. And then you don’t go talk to them in your underwear.” That was the worst part. Ruben could be as stupid and naked as he wanted and Emmett wouldn’t care (as long as there was somewhere else to look at a respectable distance between their persons), but the fact that he was all exposed by Holland was unacceptable.

Emmett knew that Holland was fairly chill in regards to their ex-boyfriend, but that didn’t mean he shared their sentiments. Ruben was a jerk who used violence to get his way. Admittedly Emmett had sorta punched somebody that one time, but that was, like, an exception. (And also his knuckles were currently starting to hurt from his fingers tightening into fists, but it wasn’t like he was actually gonna do anything about it beyond the instinctual fist-curling.) Still! Ruben sucked and hadn’t been good enough for Holland in the first place, and while Holland was smart, they had made the Bad Decision to date Ruben at all, and he was worried about another Bad Decision if proximity and nudity got involved. Marissa and Danny - who were currently canoodling - weren’t the only ones around capable of being hormones. All of them in the group (the real group, not you, Russell) were guilty of it from time to time. (Except maybe not Rose??? Who the hell knew about her.)

“I don’t know how much you pay attention,” Emmett commented flatly, “but Ruben and Holland dated last year. Then they broke up. So like, I’d really rather Ruben didn’t go sit next to my best friend in his underwear.” He paused for a moment, considering his possibilities. “Want to be helpful? You go do something about it. I don’t want Holland to be pissed at me, but it’s probably for their own good if someone intervenes.” Also, maybe there’d be a fight. Either Ruben would destroy Russell (fine) or else a parallel universe would open up and Russell would somehow get lucky (also good). A win-win, as far as Emmett was concerned.

  • I didn't mean it like that, I swear! - Russell, Sat Jul 15 01:40
    Apparently the attempted joke had also, unintentionally, turned into an insult. Or so it seemed, given Emmett’s obviously negative reaction to him. “Oh, no, it’s not dumb,” Russell protested weakly.... more
    • A likely story! - Emmett, Sat Jul 22 22:13
      • ...I'll just go before I make this worse - Russell, Sun Jul 23 13:02
        At Emmett’s insinuation of private clothing-optional sleepovers, Russell could feel his face getting warm again. Oh. Oh . His mouth opened and closed without doing any word things. He didn’t really... more
        • Sliding right in - Rose Farnon, Mon Jul 24 09:52
          Thus far Rose wasn't a huge fan of the slumber party she and Marissa had put together. She had gotten dressed up for it - soft gray sweatpants and a lacy teal camisole with fluffy black slippers -... more
          • Slide all you want, friend. - Emmett, Mon Jul 24 18:09
            Wait, what? Holy crap, Russell was doing it. This was gonna happen. Emmet could hardly believe his eyes as the Cetus less-than-gracefully approached Holland and Ruben. This was it. Oh my God. But... more
            • Slip-n-Slide! - Rose, Wed Jul 26 05:55
              Emmett’s startled response made Rose snort in amusement. He was really absorbed in - Rose glanced over at Russell, Holland, and Ruben - whatever that was. It didn’t exactly surprise her. With all the ... more
              • Emmett snickered at Rose’s sarcastic affirmation of his not-a-lie. “I may have made a suggestion,” he confessed light-heartedly. “I didn’t think he’d actually do it . Can’t say I’m too heartbroken... more
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