But there is no we
Sat Jul 22, 2017 23:32

“Smart aliens strategically abducting people. I like that.” There were certainly a few world leaders whose abductions Holland wouldn’t bat a mascara-ed eyelash at. Aliens with no knowledge of Earth culture probably would make less a mess of Washington, the environment, civil rights, and international relations than current global figures. Really, it would probably be for the best.

Holland assured him that they would help and Ruben went for the polish first, which was not how Holland approached manicures. If they were taking the time to paint their nails, Holland usually took the time to tend to their cuticles and use a base coat. They considered instructing Ruben in healthy nail care but decided against it. Ruben probably didn’t care that it might stain his nails a little, and they could charm the polish to help it chip less.

“Well, fingernails are tiny,” Ruben’s were bigger than Holland’s, but they were small in the scheme of things. It should only take two brush strokes to cover his nail, three if he wasn’t strategic about it. “Toenails are tinier.” Holland rarely matched toenail polish to their fingernails; there was no fun in only doing one color or pattern when they could try a few different ones. Realizing Ruben had likely never painted his nails before, Holland instructed, “Start with the brush at the base of your nail and brush toward the end, like this.” Holland demonstrated on the index finger of their left hand, more steady with the brush now that they were using their dominant hand. Standard levitation charms didn’t offer enough finesse, so Holland had plenty of experience using their off hand to do the nails on the right side.

Finishing the hand, they took a moment to look around at the room. Emmett was talking to Russell, which Holland hoped was a good thing. Emmett didn’t seem to like Russell very much. Not that Holland especially liked Russell; he was nice enough but hadn’t really distinguished himself since coming to RMI, and Holland hadn’t spent much time with the transfer. Maverick and Kaye were talking. That seemed like a good personality match. Holland assumed Rose was around here somewhere—she would never miss one of Marissa’s parties—but Holland had yet to see her.

Speaking of Marissa and Danny, he was inside her sleeping bag (not a euphemism) and his smoking jacket was on the floor next to her, so he was shirtless. Holland had the impulse to remind them that they were in a room with, like, all of their friends, so keeping it PG-13 was, like, probably a good call.

“Woooow. They should get a room,” Holland joked, jerking their chin toward the situation near the screen. “He’s like, half naked in her sleeping bag. We, like, cuddled in public, but we weren’t that... handsy.” Holland wasn’t big on public displays of affection, so when they were dating making out had mostly happened in slightly more private settings than parties with half the school in attendance. Except for the blind date party, but that was an exception.

  • Ruben had gone through many a falling-out. Admittedly, these were usually based on something a little more abrupt than a simple argument… but then again, the last proper conversations he’d had with... more
    • But there is no we - Holland, Sat Jul 22 23:32
      • I don't want there to be a me, either - Russell Drew, Sun Jul 23 13:51
        Russell’s ability to avoid thinking about how much of a Bad Idea this was lasted for exactly two-and-a-half steps. His left foot actually froze in midair when the sudden wave of oh dear hit him -... more
        • That makes two of us - Ruben, Sun Jul 23 15:02
          He couldn’t hold back a snort at Holland’s explanation. “Yes, I know that nails are small, do not worry,” he said in a tone meant to be mock-reassuring, nudging hen playfully with his sock-padded... more
          • Or three - Holland, Sun Jul 23 22:45
            Ruben said he thought it would be easier to start on the left, like someone who had never tried to paint their nails of their dominant hand while the polish was still drying on the other one. Maybe... more
            • ...Motion carried - Russell, Mon Jul 24 20:17
              Russell didn’t think that he’d ever had such a sudden reversal from burning-face-of-awkward-shame to freezing-face-of-awkward-death as when Ruben flipped him the finger. Hot and cold were opposites.... more
              • This pleases me - Ruben, Mon Jul 24 21:38
                Still smirking, Ruben made a whining noise in the back of his throat when Holland whapped him. “Really?” His hand dropped soon after this. He didn’t wait to push his luck; in some ways, he was... more
                • Can’t say I disagree - Holland, Tue Jul 25 16:47
                  Russell had seemed terribly nervous before Ruben told him to get lost, so maybe Holland should have been a little nicer when they talked to the boy. Or maybe not; after all, he’d decided to come... more
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