Russell Drew
I don't want there to be a me, either
Sun Jul 23, 2017 13:51

Russell’s ability to avoid thinking about how much of a Bad Idea this was lasted for exactly two-and-a-half steps. His left foot actually froze in midair when the sudden wave of oh dear hit him - which was inconvenient, since his body was still moving forwards. Not even the teenager’s skin-and-bones frame could resist the force of momentum. He was all elbows when he crashed down, much like how Jaws was all claws when the mouse went scrabbling around his head to keep balanced, but where Jaws only gave him a few scratches, Russell managed to hit not one but both funny-bones.


The pain was useful in that it (briefly) took his whole attention off the Bad Idea he had set out on. Russell got back to his feet, wincing, and then looked over his shoulder to make sure Emmett wasn’t laughing at him, not that he could do anything about that now, and then marched off again. The discrepancy between his stiffly-moving limbs and the scared absolutely petrified slump of his shoulders felt all too obvious to him. He was pretty sure everyone was watching him right now. Everyone could tell what was happening and what he was going to try to do and he was gonna fail at it completely and no one would be surprised and then he would die.

He managed to angle himself so that he was approaching kind of on an angle to both of them. That seemed safest - he didn’t really want to face either of them directly. He stopped when he got close enough, and then realized he still had no idea what he should say. Oh, how was he going to pull this off?

Before either Holland or Ruben could acknowledge his existence, knowing that he would freeze up and die if he just didn’t do something, Russell blurted out, “Hi!” That was too enthusiastic. A bad start. “Umm, I was asked to-- I mean, I want to ask you,” he corrected, checking over his shoulder again in hopes that Emmett hadn’t overheard his slip-up, “erm, if you, have you, seen… my mouse?” Russell belatedly remembered that Jaws was still on his head, totally visible. Maybe he could make it work. “I mean, I didn’t lose him, but, like, have you seen him before? He’s a… a cool mouse.” Russell pointed at his head, where it felt like Jaws was currently trying to eat his hair. “You can hold him. Actually no,” he hastily added, staring at Ruben, because he would probably eat Jaws for breakfast, “he doesn’t like you. I mean, your nails. I mean…” Russell stopped midsentence (if any of those counted as sentences) and blinked. He didn’t know what he’d even started, but maybe they could just finish him it for him. Please.

  • But there is no we - Holland, Sat Jul 22 23:32
    “Smart aliens strategically abducting people. I like that.” There were certainly a few world leaders whose abductions Holland wouldn’t bat a mascara-ed eyelash at. Aliens with no knowledge of Earth... more
    • I don't want there to be a me, either - Russell Drew, Sun Jul 23 13:51
      • That makes two of us - Ruben, Sun Jul 23 15:02
        He couldn’t hold back a snort at Holland’s explanation. “Yes, I know that nails are small, do not worry,” he said in a tone meant to be mock-reassuring, nudging hen playfully with his sock-padded... more
        • Or three - Holland, Sun Jul 23 22:45
          Ruben said he thought it would be easier to start on the left, like someone who had never tried to paint their nails of their dominant hand while the polish was still drying on the other one. Maybe... more
          • ...Motion carried - Russell, Mon Jul 24 20:17
            Russell didn’t think that he’d ever had such a sudden reversal from burning-face-of-awkward-shame to freezing-face-of-awkward-death as when Ruben flipped him the finger. Hot and cold were opposites.... more
            • This pleases me - Ruben, Mon Jul 24 21:38
              Still smirking, Ruben made a whining noise in the back of his throat when Holland whapped him. “Really?” His hand dropped soon after this. He didn’t wait to push his luck; in some ways, he was... more
              • Can’t say I disagree - Holland, Tue Jul 25 16:47
                Russell had seemed terribly nervous before Ruben told him to get lost, so maybe Holland should have been a little nicer when they talked to the boy. Or maybe not; after all, he’d decided to come... more
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