Any suggestions?
Sun Jul 23, 2017 22:43

Oh, so Kaye was a transfer too. Mave wouldn’t have suspected that. So far, she seemed to him to both fit in and stand out in a way that someone only could at a hodgepodge-y school like this one. RMI was definitely strange like that. There were groups of friends, sure, but he didn’t notice a whole lot of cliquishness. Maybe it was there and he just hadn’t picked up on it yet, but overall it seemed like everybody just Was here. He liked that, at least. He liked getting to Be.

He blinked a bit as Kaye described her experiences. He wasn’t entirely surprised that his year was apparently “ruling things” - Holland seemed like the type to get things done, and Marissa was… well, she seemed interesting - but caring about people and their feelings didn’t strike him as a fun school activity. He had kinda given up on feelings, especially other people’s or, worse, his own regarding them. Especially the capital letter kind, the Feelings. Those were dumb and got him hurt. Nobody wanted to date someone when you weren’t sure if you’d wake up with a girlfriend or a boyfriend that day.

“I haven’t gone up to Pearl Street yet,” he confessed. “Seemed like it’d be busy.” By that, what he meant was it seems like it would be full of strangers who would give me weird looks, but Kaye hadn’t unlocked Horrible Personal Insecurities Level 4 yet. “Ice cream though, huh? I may have to go investigating sometime.”

Maverick paused to look around him. It seemed like a lot of weird stuff was going on, so he decided not to ask. It was better not to ask questions. However, if his glancing around inspired Kaye to do the same and then tell him about things - like maybe why so many boys were at least partially undressed? - then that was okay with him, too. He did kinda like knowing things about people, he just didn’t care enough that not knowing would become an issue.

  • So the transfer had a name. Maverick was a sixth year in Cetus, and now Kaye knew his pronouns. The mystery, for the most part, was gone. Well, the beginning layer was no longer a mystery. Kaye... more
    • Any suggestions? - Maverick, Sun Jul 23 22:43
      • I have several - Kaye, Thu Jul 27 22:09
        “Okay, well, we have to go to Pearl Street,” Kaye decided. She loved it there. It probably was Kaye’s favorite part of Rocky Mountain International. There was food and pick pocketing challenges and... more
        • Choose one and elaborate. - Maverick, Sat Aug 5 19:18
          “Sure, sounds good,” Mave agreed. He wasn’t particularly opposed to playing hooky even if the professor were more attentive to attendance. After all, what were they going to do about it, kick him out ... more
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