Scale of 1-10, how off am I?
Mon Jan 16, 2017 22:39

She was a little pink, but not like him. Emmett had been growing a steady blush, but his was from the rush of things he felt about her, whereas hers was probably just from dancing. But with her hands on his hips, he was immediately and acutely aware of the fact that he probably had more pink than white left on his face. So that was great, because what was cooler than a small baby raspberry with an obvious crush on you?

Maybe the bubonic plague. It was a pretty close coolness comparison that might just have him beat.

Don’t try so hard? That was easy advice from her. She was Marissa Kendrick, epitome of cool without trying, naturally beautiful, naturally clever, naturally talented, naturally perfect. But he was Emmett Lawrence, a walking disaster who couldn’t handle a portkey without falling on his face, couldn’t function without help from Holland, and couldn’t get a girl to like him for more than like three months. It was a little bit harder not to worry about stuff and not to try very hard when your natural state was a walking trash can.

“Yeah, I’ll try,” he conceded with a crooked smile. At least he was a semi-decent actor. That was part of being Lyra, he thought. The constant persona he played, the cocky tool, all an effort to mean it someday. He’d been a bit surprised to end up in that House, really, when both of his siblings were Aquilas in their respective times at the school. That was the difference between him and his brother, at least. Mikey was literally just a tool. Emmett was just trying to be something noticeable, so he emulated it.

“You’d better put that emphasis on trying to dance, though,” he laughed at himself like he always laughed at himself. “I might need some extra help. Think you can teach me?” The fourth year waggled his eyebrows playfully. Was it a tactic to get her hands back somewhere on his person? Maybe. Was it clever or subtle? Definitely not. Was it at least funny? Hopefully. Emmett was the funny guy. Jokes, jokes, jokes.

  • I guess you could say that - Marissa, Sun Jan 15 19:55
    “Of course I invited you!” Marissa didn’t point out, of course, that invitations went out to every student in fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh year. Whatever Emmett was feeling about their summer,... more
    • Scale of 1-10, how off am I? - Emmett, Mon Jan 16 22:39
      • I never said you were off! - Marissa, Wed Jan 18 10:32
        Marissa couldn’t help but notice that Emmett’s face was getting a little red, and she wondered if hers was, too. She knew that, under the freckles, she was naturally going to be a little pink from... more
        • Sounds like a solid 0. Nice. - Emmett, Wed Jan 18 21:39
          She agreed - he wasn’t super sure if that was a good thing or not, overall - and then took off, coming back a moment later with open hands. Well, at least there was no risk now of something getting... more
          • I never said that! - Marissa, Mon Jan 23 12:24
            Sometimes, Marissa wished she hadn’t dated Emmett. Maybe the reason he couldn’t get himself to let go and just be himself was because he was younger. She hadn’t thought a year would make much of a... more
            • #Mixedsignals - Emmett, Mon Jan 23 23:56
              “What do you want to do next?” It was a good question. Emmett wanted a lot to do a lot of things next, both in terms of dancing and, like, life. As far as the current party situation went, he mostly... more
              • You're the only one confused here - Marissa, Sat Jan 28 20:17
                Maybe it was the alcohol, or maybe it was Emmett going back to being the funny nerd she knew, but Marissa was laughing a lot tonight. It was the good kind of laughter. It spread across her freckled... more
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