Slide all you want, friend.
Mon Jul 24, 2017 18:09

Wait, what?

Holy crap, Russell was doing it. This was gonna happen. Emmet could hardly believe his eyes as the Cetus less-than-gracefully approached Holland and Ruben. This was it. Oh my God.

But then Russell looked over his shoulder - directly at Emmett - and he felt his stomach drop. That little weasel! What was he saying to them? Was he selling Emmett out? What a total jerk! If he didn’t want to be a part of this, he could’ve just said no. Now Holland was over there rolling their eyes, and Ruben was - oh, very nice, Ruben.

What was that about?

Emmett just about jumped out of his skin. He hadn’t noticed Rose approaching, but like everyone else (dammit Russell), she had noticed him. “Uhhhhh,” he blundered weakly. Rose seemed to get along much better with Ruben than most of them (which was a little scary, admittedly), so that combined with the fact that Rose was… well, Rose, he was a little nervous to tell her his true intentions. Namely, to rid them - or at the very least Holland - of that stupid Scandinavian's presence for good.

“Russell went to go interrupt Holland and Ruben,” he answered at last, technically not lying. “Completely of his own free will,” he added, which was also technically not a lie. Emmett didn’t force Russell to do anything. There hadn’t even been begging. Just an idea thrown out there - perhaps if necessary he could claim he was joking and Russell was too stupid to tell - and then acted upon. If this went badly, it totally wasn’t his fault, right?

  • Sliding right in - Rose Farnon, Mon Jul 24 09:52
    Thus far Rose wasn't a huge fan of the slumber party she and Marissa had put together. She had gotten dressed up for it - soft gray sweatpants and a lacy teal camisole with fluffy black slippers -... more
    • Slide all you want, friend. - Emmett, Mon Jul 24 18:09
      • Slip-n-Slide! - Rose, Wed Jul 26 05:55
        Emmett’s startled response made Rose snort in amusement. He was really absorbed in - Rose glanced over at Russell, Holland, and Ruben - whatever that was. It didn’t exactly surprise her. With all the ... more
        • Emmett snickered at Rose’s sarcastic affirmation of his not-a-lie. “I may have made a suggestion,” he confessed light-heartedly. “I didn’t think he’d actually do it . Can’t say I’m too heartbroken... more
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